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Yamato Akitsuki has recently moved to Tokyo, and in order to maintain his less than wealthy lifestyle, he currently works at his aunt's bathhouse. While walking by the school one evening he sees a girl by the name of Suzuka practicing the high jump, and is instantly in love. Even better is the realization that Suzuka lives next door! Determined to prove himself worthy of her affections, Yamato decides to join the school's track team and show her what he’s got, but things won’t be so easy; for Suzuka has a love interest of her own, and it isn’t Yamato...

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galacticdude7 Apr 11, 2010
Score 2/10

-Story-The story of Suzuka was driven mostly on the idiocy of the characters. There were some unique moments that I found enjoyable, but they were far outnumbered by the stupid parts based mostly on the stupidity of the characters. The most the love stories get is an awkawd love triangle between seemingly mismatched characters, and it has a missing length to it belonging to Suzuka's dead Sempai. The story would... read more

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kirankumarkondru Mar 20, 2010
Score 3/10

This is a slow moving anime. I agree but somehow it's so slow that you will be caught between dumping it and watching it by dragging(just to see the end of it).  The whole story would actually fit in 9 episodes. Imagine it got dragged to 26. Just dragged.Animation is poor. It's too poor that they don't seem to run a race just moving haphazardly across the screen.Characters don't develop much. The hero... read more

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