Supernatural The Animation

OVA (22 eps)
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Journey down the backroads of America with brothers Sam and Dean as they search for clues to their father's disappearance, hunt down the supernatural in all its unearthly forms, and enter into the unexpected mystery of their destinies.

Source: Warner Bros

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Kezmark Apr 8, 2011
Score 4.8/10

I am a big supernatural fan, for a long time it was actually my nr.1 show so when I saw this I was like " OMG, Supernatural anime ? with the rich universe this can really be something great, I really must see this ooo yeah.. wait, this can't be true, might as well go wash my face cause I might be seeing things, this has got to be too good to be true right ? it must be a dream .."

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zerowires Aug 26, 2016
Score 10/10

Primarily based on the first season, it's a fun rehash for fans and maybe a good introduction for people new to the Supernatural world. Though Sammy doesn't quite have his lip syncing on key. I literally squee'd when I found out that the long running show had an anime seeing as my bff and I are fans of anime and Supernatural - plus the Supernatural world does a lot of acknowledging of pop culture with Dean... read more



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