Alt title: Anime Oyako Gekijo

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Chris and Joy were two normal children living normal lives - until one day they discovered a magical bible called the Superbook. When everyday events touch upon a holy story, the Superbook glows, opens, and transports the children and their toy robot back into time to experience an event for themselves. Whether it's witnessing the creation of Noah's Ark, discovering the origin of Mother's Day, or coming face to face with David and Goliath, there are plenty of stories the children will experience together.

Based on stories from the Bible

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roriconfan's avatar
roriconfan Mar 28, 2012
Score 1/10

My God! I can’t believe they allow such bad Bible-themed stories to exist! They are an insult to both religion and the anime industry.

Anime Oyako Gekijou is a very old children’s adventure that aims to educate kids on the basic events of the Bible (or the Old Testament, if you prefer). It is not a bad thing to have educational anime out there, especially about a neglected theme such as the... read more

angelsreviews's avatar
angelsreviews Apr 7, 2015
Score 1/10

So, let me touch on a few things before you read my review. I am pagan, but I grew up Lutheran Christian, reading the bible and watching shows like this (Heck, this is one of the shows I used to watch as a child). I still live with my family that is very Christian. I believe in some things about the bible and the good message that is supposed to be in it. That said, I will not be getting to into the differences... read more



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