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Super Robot Wars: Original Generation

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After years of war, humanity has finally joined forces as the Earth Federation, developing mobile armors to defend against possible alien attacks. But on the inauguration day of the latest prototypes known as the Bartolls, the demonstration soon turns into a real attack; thus marking the end of the peace that mankind was longing and fighting for. What made the Bartolls go berserk, and why are they abducting people? It will be the ATX team’s job to find out the truth and keep the situation under control.

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Anime Name Type Year Relation More Info
Super Robot Wars: OG Divine Wars TV 2006 TBD
Super Robot Wars: OG Divine Wars Special DVD Special 2007 TBD
Super Robot Wars OG: The Inspector TV 2010 TBD
Name Role
Ryo TANAKA Character Design
Jun KAWAGOE Director

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Gundam Wing

Gundam Wing

The year is After Colony 195, and mankind is in the midst of a seemingly endless ongoing war between the Space Colonies and the ones who created them: the people of Earth. To give the Colonies the advantage, five mobile suits called Gundams were created. Equipped with enhanced technology and extremely talented young pilots, these are the ultimate machines of war. While Relena Peacecraft pleads for peace, Heero Yui leads the Gundams into the battle with Earth to attain it. As their personalities and visions clash, their goal is the same: freedom for all and peace at last.

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Super Robot Wars: Original Generation and Gundam Wing are obviously both mecha series. Beyond simply being mecha series, each series displays a wide variety of UNIQUE mecha designs. Rather than 90% of mecha generally being the same with one or two exceptions in some series, both Gundam Wing and SRW: OG have exception mecha designs, where each mecha has unique abilities beyond bigger and more powerful weaponry.