Super Robot Wars: OG Divine Wars

TV (25 eps)
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Two centuries have passed since man began colonizing space. The Earth Federation, which governs the human race, has known of the existence of hostile aliens for the past seven years and has been preparing for an invasion. However, while they see military force as the answer, others would rather surrender to the aliens in exchange for their lives. Taking advantage of the confusion, an organization called the Divine Crusaders declares the Earth Federation unfit to protect the planet and plunges humanity into a bloody civil war. Now only a small band of heroes - pilots of experimental super robots - can save the day. Pressured by a desperate Earth Federation government and faced with conflict on all sides, can this mottled group of individuals find the courage to not only end the civil war, but to also defend all of humanity?

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Napsworth Oct 9, 2014
Score 4/10

Super Robot Wars: OG Divine Wars is an anime adaptation of the Gameboy Advanced game, Super Robot Wars: Original Generation (unless you played this game in America where it is known as Super Robot Taisen: Original Generation. Why the name change? Because "Wars" wasn't "anime" enough for American audiences. Just a guess.) Having said that, this review is comparing the anime to the source... read more

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