Super Dimensional Fortress Macross

Alt titles: Robotech: The Macross Saga, Choujikuu Yousai Macross, The Super Dimension Fortress Macross

TV (36 eps)
4.124 of 5 from 3,660 votes
Rank #583

A strange spaceship crashes onto the island of South Ataria, throwing the world into disarray over its fate. Thus begin the Unification Wars, a worldwide war that eventually unites the planet under the governance of the United Nations. Now, a decade later, the reconstruction of the crashed alien craft – dubbed "Macross" – is complete. However, on the day of its christening, the Macross unexpectedly fires and destroys several approaching Zentradi spaceships. The last hope of Earth, the Macross, begins to wage a lonely war; but what hopes can one ship have when facing against an entire alien race?

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VivisQueen's avatar by VivisQueen on Nov 11, 2010
Score: 6/10

One thing baffles me about Robotech: The Macross Saga. In an earth-shattering break from the norm that took me almost five episodes to recover from, the protagonist Rick Hunter is a sensible, well-adjusted young man. After encountering his love, Lynn Minmei, during... read more

ParaParaJMo's avatar by ParaParaJMo on Mar 13, 2014
Score: 9/10

The characters themselves are what really drive the show. Hikaru may be an ace, but deep down inside he’s still a kid that’s growing. He’s also discovering love as he is trying to be a man. Roy, his big brother figure, is well confident in his abilities and never second guesses anything. Hikaru will also develop as a pilot or soldier and he eventually has subordinates assigned to him. Max, one... read more

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