Super Dimensional Cavalry Southern Cross

Alt title: Choujikuu Kidan Southern Cross

TV (23 eps)
2.987 of 5 from 346 votes
Rank #3,731

Jeanne is a lieutenant in the Southern Cross army of the planet Glorie, but she cares more about having fun, fashion magazines and a good night out than discipline – not to mention her fascination with a good hot shower! But when a mysterious alien force called the Zor arrive, Jeanne's recklessness and blatant disregard of orders prove very successful on the battlefield; and in no time she finds herself as commander of the 15th Squad. The fighting soon turns grimmer as humanity is heavily outnumbered and cut off from the home world, and its technology is dwarfed by the Zor. Jeanne and her squad now must defend their new home in any way they can and find out whom these mysterious aliens are, and what secrets they may be hiding...

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roriconfan Apr 30, 2012
Score 4/10

Most Westerners know Southern Cross only as the second part of the Roboteck series. In reality, it is a stand-alone series with a similar scenario as Macross. As a publicity stunt, it was united through name and sound alteration with the ending of the Macross storyline and the beginning of the Genesis Climber Mospeada storyline (Another stand-alone series. Damn American mix-remakes!) This review... read more



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