Sunday Without God

Alt titles: Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi

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In the year 2016, a catastrophic incident at the Odaiba nuclear power plant contaminated the city with radiation and turned Tokyo into a ghost town devoid of life. 20 years later, Japan still struggles with the environmental consequences of that fateful day, and actively looks for survivors using Coppelions: genetically-engineered, radiation-resistant girls who scour the streets when SOS calls occur. With military support and funding to back them up, these young ladies continue to explore Tokyo and discover just who, and what, managed to survive.

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Reasons you might like Coppelion...

ZetsubouKaiji ZetsubouKaiji says...

Both these anime are about cute girls trying to save a post apocalyptic world by slowly restoring order. Both these anime preach about redemption and resisting the temptation to give into despair. 

Coppelion has more of a sci-fi setting, feautres a lot more action and uses technobable to explain it's more fantastical elements. Whereas Sunday Without God has a fantasy setting with slower pacing and includes magic. However, despite these differences the anime share the same tone and put on emphasis on the relationships between the characters. 

Both these anime also have a tendency to get very preachy with the messages they are trying to get across. Despite the post apocalyptic settings both anime keep an artificial upbeat cheerful tone of hope rather than despair that you would expect in this kind of setting. Both shows also include a lot of humor. 

Finally both of these show start off with rather pretty animation that slowly degrades as the series continue on. 

If you're looking for cute girls trying to change the world with a positive message then try these titles.