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Sumomomo Momomo

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Koushi Inuzuka wants to be a prosecutor. He has excellent grades, good morals and is very popular. However, his father is a talented martial artist who wants Koushi to follow in his footsteps, and he is hiding an important secret! When Koushi was younger, he was betrothed to the daughter of his father’s rival: Momoko, the strongest bride in the world! She’s cute, devoted, and a talented martial artist; and with Koushi’s father’s blessing, she is now the newest member of the Inuzuka household – much to Koushi’s dismay! Now, all Koushi wants to do is live a normal life and become a great prosecutor… but with two martial artists to deal with, can he keep his path – and sanity – intact?

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Anime Name Type Year Relation More Info
Sumomomo Momomo Specials DVD Special 2007 TBD Episodes 23 and 24 only released on the DVDs.

related manga

Manga Name Year Relation More Info
Sumomomo Momomo 2005 TBD
Name Role
Ryoko AMISAKI Character Design
Nobuaki NAKANISHI Director
Shinobu OHTAKA Original Manga Creator

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Sumomomo Momomo Otaku108 6/10 Jan 19, 2011
Sumomomo Momomo flyboy42 4/10 Nov 6, 2009
List Title Username Entries Date
Total2 zamzamation 193 Nov 12, 2013
Tertiary Undubbed MrMayonase 63 Sep 17, 2013
so-bad-it's-good grsh 40 Sep 17, 2013
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  • TV (24 eps x 14 min)
  • 2002

In the present, the Japanese government has been conducting experiments to genetically engineer a human: a girl named Rizel. The experiment was a success -- sort of. While healthy and cheerful, 12-year-old Rizel also ended up possessing the uncanny need for “love” to further her development, as well as tears which were in fact volitile explosives! When sadness can end up destroying a city block, what's a girl to do except... get married?! For Iwari Tomori, the young man chosen as the most appropriate partner for Rizel, life is about to change, for better or for worse!

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In both Sumomomo and Rizelmine, the female characters try to marry the male characters but are rejected. The stories circle mainly around the two main characters' love.


Like male characters who don't pay any attention to the females who drool all over them? Both Rizelmine and Momomo have some off-the-wall humour and they're very much in the same vein with the way they portrays ecchi. I like to think of Rizelmine as Sumomo's older cousin...


Both anime are about a girl who wants to marry a guy and moves in it with him,everyone apprroves of this except the guy himself.


you'll like this too because both male leads are forced into a marriage with a loli type person and they get into funny situations trying to get out of the marriage.


Sumomo is Rizel on Speed. Both male leads are forced into engagements with naive girls wielding huge destructive power.


Both of these anime are about a girl that is has this extreme 1 sided relationship going on with the main character. So they are both extremely similar in that way.  Another huge similiarity is that both of these girls really want to be married to this guy who is always (and I do mean always) pushing the girl off of them.  Not to mention that in both of these anime the girls start living with the male character that they love right off the bat and the girls are both extremely powerful creatures.  Chances are if you liked one you'll most likely enjoy the other


Both Sumomomo Momomo and Rizelmine are stories based around small underdeveloped girls suddenly moving in with a guy and the proceeding chaos that ensues. In both cases, said "girlfriend" is completely willing to sleep with the male lead right away and ultimately desires marriage. Both series feature a male lead who is not into this idea at all. If you enjoy wacky comedies based around this concept these anime are required viewing. If you happened to watch one or the other, and liked it, you will certainly enjoy the other.


In both series, the lead character constantly deals with the advances of a girl who desprately wants to marry them. For the most part, both also ignore them quite frequently. For majority of the time, the plot revolves around this 'dance' between them, and the comedic issues that arise!

If you enjoyed either Rizelmine or Sumomomo Momomo, then the other is a good next watch!

History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi

History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi

Shirahama "weak legs" Kenichi is a typical high school student with typical problems: he's frequently bullied and tends to run away in the face of his enemies. Things change when Kenichi meets Furinji Miu, whose grandfather runs a dojo; and not knowing what he's getting himself into, he signs up to become a disciple. As Kenichi's life-threatening training continues and he becomes more and more powerful, he inadvertently becomes the target of the deadly gang called Ragnarok. With mental and physical challenges ahead, can Kenichi survive his encounters with Ragnarok, or will the masters of his dojo get to him first?

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In these anime, two boys with basically no martial arts experience find themselves and their lives changed through martial arts. While Kenichi from History's Strongest Disciple embraces it and Koushi from Sumomomo Momomo runs from it, both have great comedy from the random characters they encounter through martial arts.


Both anime have an initially weak shounen as the main character, who is introduced in the world of martial arts by the much stronger female character. Both have a lots of comedy, with a clean and positive sense of humor.

This being said, Sumomo is more obviously a comedy, while Kenichi is a shounen with more action, so this should be taken into consideration.


fanservicy action shonens that are vaugly funny are these.

And really these are the olny action shonens that I watched for no reason and didn't really like because these are too action fanservicy.

plus they have similar titls, if it means anything.


both series are funny and both series feature a "normal" male lead surrounded by a bunch of crazy martial artists who are insanely good at fighting.

watch it online now!

Tenjho Tenge

Tenjho Tenge

Toudou Gakuen is no ordinary high school. There, during the Meiji Restoration, fighting masters were forced to gather from all over Japan to re-establish the martial arts. Amongst the student body is a group of immensely powerful fighters who maintain order through absolute power. This "Enforcement Group" is locked in a feud with the Jyuuuken Club over matters of love and death. Now, two newcomers have disturbed the order of this school, becoming entangled in this vicious feud. Caught between sexy babes and terrible powers, the battle to be the strongest begins!

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Fighting, scantily-clad females, and the men who somehow get mixed up in it; both Sumomomo and Tenjho Tenge play around with one-sided sexual tension, and follow it up with martial arts.


Both TT and Sumomomo are basically about martial arts and fighting. There is some love, drama and romance in both series too, and school is the backdrop of most of the events. It's the good moves and ass kicking that really gets these anime going!


Both anime have alot of fighting in it,on top of that both main characters have a girl after them that they themselves don't like at all.

Seto no Hanayome

Seto no Hanayome

While visiting his hometown, junior high school student Michishio Nagasumi's life was changed forever when he nearly drowned. Though he was saved by a mermaid named San, there’s a catch -- her family is part of a merfolk mafia, and they abide by a strict rule: If a mermaid is discovered by a man, either he or the mermaid must die. That is, unless the man marries into the family! Faced with such a decision, Nagasumi can only oblige their customs and become a "happy" newlywed. Now, with a new school year around the corner, Nagasumi must find a way to deal with his new bride, keep her true nature a secret, and most importantly, escape inevitable death at the hands of San's over-protective father’s gang!


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Love has always been a mystery to those who are not under her sway. She comes and she goes as she pleases yet the manner for which she bestows herself is indeed alluring. They say that love comes naturally to those who fate favors, yet can love be born when destiny wills it against the very individual who the love is for? Such is the destined love being depicted in Sumomomo Momomo and Seto no Hanayome.

The two series tell the tale of how a hero's love is born from a heroine's love whose meeting with him was preordained. The two, however, show it in distinct yet similar contexts. One does so with a yakuza (underground organizations) oriented setting whereas the other depicts it with the orientation towards Martial Arts. The heroes themselves vary as one is more accepting whereas the other denies it. Ultimately, it is these varying similarities that paved the way towards the beautiful connection between the two that will allow viewers who value one to likewise value the other.


Both anime are similar. In both, there is some sort of an arranged marriage. In both, the individuals have to live together and sort out their relationship. There is some fighting aura/power in both. One being martial arts and one being gang violence.

Although the relationships are different, both were entertaining to watch, and both were humorous. 

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Haiyore! Nyaruko-san

Haiyore! Nyaruko-san


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not rated
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Both revolve around an OP chick that loves fighting has a major crush on the relatively normal MC, whom they are protecting. Crush is completely unrequited by said MC, who will use force to prevent the frequent sexual advances. Both of the females are very quirky and often do irrational things, causing their crush to act coldly towards them. Also worthy of note is the fact the both male MC's have side characters that like them too. The setting is different, but both anime have a lot of specific things in common.

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