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Having recovered from a mysterious accident that caused him to suffer amnesia, Hashiba Sora is just starting to get his life back together. On the road to recovery, his steady progress is interrupted when he acquires a new roommate (who supposedly is his childhood friend), Fujimori Sunao. Their relationship becomes even more complicated with the appearance of Ran, an alternate personality inhabiting the same body as Sunao! Faced with the shadows of his past, can Sora regain his lost memories and make sense of what is happening around him?


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oglopmaster's avatar by oglopmaster on Feb 11, 2010
Score: 5/10

I'm definately not a yaoi fan, but I have a goal of finding an anime with gay charaters that just happen to be a part of the plot and not focused on as in shonen-ai and yaoi animes. They have it with straight, but not with gay. Which pisses me off for some reason.This anime was without a doubt for the yaoi fans. It begins with some bishonen guy sitting on top of some other guy and asking for him to 'call out... read more

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