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Suikoden: Demon Century

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2.042 out of 5 from 159 votes
Rank #4,646


In the 21st century, an earthquake devastated Japan, destroying Tokyo and leaving its people homeless and lawless. In the present, the ruins of Tokyo are a haven for thugs and street gangs, the most powerful of which is the ruthless Koryukai gang. Takateru Suga is visiting Tokyo on a mission: to find his sister Kiyomi, but things heat up once he discovers she's been kidnapped by the Koryukai themselves! With the help of a transvestite, colonel-turned-monk and a lot of firepower, Takateru must help defeat the Koryukai and save the city, or lose everything he holds dear!

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Name Role
Toshiyuki TSURU Character Design
Hiroshi NEGISHI Director
Yoichiro YOSHIKAWA Music

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Official Editorial Reviews

Title Author Score Date
Suikoden: Demon Century sothis 5/10 Jan 17, 2005

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Want to watch eril 169 Feb 4, 2011
My Top Anime Ozone 5 Jul 4, 2009

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Fans of the action in Suikoden will probably enjoy the fast paced fighting of Sukeban Deka as well! Complete with humor and a crazy weapon, SD should be a good choice for those who like Suikoden.