Suikoden: Demon Century

OVA (1 ep)
2.095 of 5 from 193 votes
Rank #6,023

In the 21st century, an earthquake devastated Japan, destroying Tokyo and leaving its people homeless and lawless. In the present, the ruins of Tokyo are a haven for thugs and street gangs, the most powerful of which is the ruthless Koryukai gang. Takateru Suga is visiting Tokyo on a mission: to find his sister Kiyomi, but things heat up once he discovers she's been kidnapped by the Koryukai themselves! With the help of a transvestite, colonel-turned-monk and a lot of firepower, Takateru must help defeat the Koryukai and save the city, or lose everything he holds dear!

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sothis Jan 17, 2005
Score 5/10

First, I want to point out that this OVA has nothing to do with the Suikoden games. As someone who wanted to watch this specifically for that reason (to see if there was any relation), I'd recommend you keep that in mind when reading this review, and when deciding if you'll watch this. The Suikoden legend is based on a Chinese story that was ported over to Japanese beliefs as well, which... read more



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