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Strike Witches

Strike Witches main image more screenshots
2.512 out of 5 from 2,247 votes
Rank #3,732


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Main Characters

Mio SAKAMOTO image Mio SAKAMOTO heart unheart
Yoshika MIYAFUJI image Yoshika MIYAFUJI heart unheart

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Secondary Characters

Charlotte E YEAGER image Charlotte E YEAGER heart unheart
Eila Ilmatar JUUTILAINEN image Eila Ilmatar JUUTILAINEN heart unheart
Erica HARTMANN image Erica HARTMANN heart unheart
Francesca LUCCHINI image Francesca LUCCHINI heart unheart
Gertrud BARKHORN image Gertrud BARKHORN heart unheart
Lynette BISHOP image Lynette BISHOP heart unheart
Minna-Dietlinde WILCKE image Minna-Dietlinde WILCKE heart unheart
Perrine-H. CLOSTERMANN image Perrine-H. CLOSTERMANN heart unheart
Sanya V. LITVYAK image Sanya V. LITVYAK heart unheart