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spexwood's avatar By spexwood on Jul 21, 2010

This one surprised me! I started watching it thinking it was just going to be loli fanservice or something... and it kinda was, but it still had a pretty good story with a really cool concept to it.  I just loved the World War II meets Magical Girl meets Alien Invader theme.  Plus, the whole idea of the Strike Witches using airplane-like machines that connect to their legs and give them the ability to fly is just so awesome! (Personally, I have never seen something EXACTLY like that that didnt involve Mecha doing the actual flying.)

If you like WWII stories with cute girls and aliens, then check this one out.  Dont expect an action-packed story though, but do expect a pretty good one nonetheless.

?/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
?/10 characters
9/10 overall
Dralha's avatar By Dralha on Nov 11, 2009

In 1939, Earth is invaded by an alien force known as the "Neuroi." To combat against them, a special strike force consisting of witches gathered from around the world is formed. Their "brooms" consist of a pair of leggings with propellers, allowing them to fly through the air with ease while attacking the Neuroi. A very entertaining series, with characters that are ridiculously moe.

8/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
9/10 characters
8/10 overall
Jestershock's avatar By Jestershock on Jun 27, 2010

First off, considering none of the girls in this universe seem to wear pants, our main heroine runs around basically dressed like Donald Duck. That aside, this one's a treat.

There's not a lot of surprises here (aside from the occasional crotch-shots), but the up-beat spirit of this show carries you right along well. Our main character is one of those sweeties with an over-abundance of heart and determination that makes you want to cheer her on. The animation is pretty (flight scenes are gorgeous!), characters are very cute, and the music is one for the iPods. If you're looking for a nice break between serious animes or you're just in the mood for cute and fun, Strike Witches scores big.

(Ep. 7 - "Free and Breezy" is basically a panty raid episode. Nothing to do with the story. Hilarious!)</div>

?/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
?/10 characters
9/10 overall
OtakuAnthony's avatar By OtakuAnthony on Jan 12, 2011

In 1939, an alien force called the Neuroi invades Earth and the regular military force of the Earth cannot defeat the enemy.  A new military unit called the 501st Joint Fighter Wing is created to fight the alien invasion force utilizing new technologies and females with magic called Witches to lead the battle against the alien forces.




The plot of Strike Witches in a sense is not completely original, an enemy appears, the old guard cannot fight them, and a new group comes allow bringing the fight to the enemy.  Each episode focuses on either a specific character several characters, and gives them some development along with the war aspect.  The development of the cast is done in a way that it feels natural and not some rushed product.  Now the cast’s background stories are at times generic and nothing original but that doesn’t take away at from their development or their likability.


One of the bigger issues on hand with the overall plot of the series is the lack of some vital information about various topics in the series.  The series itself can still be enjoyed without this knowledge, however the lack of some information does take away from the plot a bit, though some of the can be taken into the fact that the series being 12 episodes in length.


The other thing that must be mentioned about the characters is that the staff of the series based the characters of the show off historical pilots from WWII.  The staff did a lot of research into these history figures and did their best to make the characters of the series and some of the episodes are based off of historically events (episode 5 and episode 7 come to mind though episode 7 is changed a bit to fit the series and be more enjoyable then the even it was based on.)


Animation and art:


Gonzo was the animation studio for Season 1 of Strike Witches.  Gonzo has somewhat of a mixed history with its animation.  With more recent Gonzo shows the animation at times will be great, then all of a sudden become very third rate.  Show wise, the show has a bright tone overall and looks quite well.  The fight scenes are animated well and are enjoyable to watch.  While most of the time the scenes were the witches are flying look great, there are some times where this is not the case.  There are several times that the flying appears choppy which this can be expected of a Gonzo show, this is not something that should be done.


One of the shows reputation that is gets is the fan service that show has.  Since the female cast does not wear pants, there are many shots of the pantsu during the series, and most of the cast is under 18, some may see this as sexualizing minors.  While the fan service can be overwhelming as there are times where during a fight scene a huge shot of camel toe will come right in front of the screen, it never feels as that the fanservice is taking away from the seriousness of the series.


Audio quality (English dub and Japanese dub)


The Japanese dub for the series is quite good.  The voices for the characters fit their personalities, however some of the voices themselves do sound a bit generic.  Even though the voices may be generic, sounding the Japanese VA’s doing a very good job with their characters and their personalities.

The English dub, which was done by Funimation, is a top shelf dub.  Many veteran voice actors from the stable that Funimation normally uses lend their voices to the girls of the Strike Witches and they all do an excellent job.  That being said there is one new voice actor Jennifer Forrester who voices Sanya who in her first role does a very good job for someone in their first anime dubbing role.


Music & Sounds:


The opening and closing music for the show is catchy and good overall in terms of quality.  It is easy to get the ending theme stuck in your head mainly because the music itself it good, and the ending theme is sung each episode by a different duet.  The music during the episode is orchestra string based, and the music fits the feel of the series greatly and fits within the time period of the show


In the sounds department this is another area that deserves credit.  Each of the striker units sound like a plane that would have been created in during WWII.  The strikers have a piston like sound to them when they start up just like an propeller plane would.


Where it can be obtain:


Strikes Witches has been released in Region 1 by Funimation and is still in print.  Strike Witches can be purchased from many online retailers such as Best Buy,, Right Stuf, Roberts Anime Corner Store, etc.


Final thoughts:


Strike Witches often gets a bad rap around the internet because of the fanservice that is has.  While the fanservice is off putting to some, the series is a much surprise in terms of quality.  While some background information is not given in the series, the cast and character development are done well enough to keep the show above the “just another fan service show.”  While there are some issues with the fight animation being choppy the rest of the time the show is drawing very well and has some fluid fight scenes.




Plot *** out of ****

Animation *** out of **** (For some questionable quality issues and fanservice)

English Dub *** 1/2 out of ****

Japanese Dub *** ½ out of ****

Music: *** out of ****

Overall Score: *** out of ****


Pros: The fight scenes, both dubs, likeable cast, and character development.

Cons: The fanservice to some, not enough background information, and some animation issues.


6/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
7/10 characters
8/10 overall
Micah10SN's avatar By Micah10SN on Apr 11, 2011

Strike Witches TV is actually a good anime besides the fan service(but it's not as bad as Highschool of the Dead). I originally dropped the series at 1 episode, but I gave it another shot... I'm glad I did. it's a good anime. check it out.

7.6/10 story
8.9/10 animation
9/10 sound
8.4/10 characters
8.5/10 overall