Street Fighter II V

TV (29 eps)
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Ken and Ryu are no ordinary teenagers; through a friendly rivalry and a desire to master their fighting skills, both have become powerful martial artists. Power has its drawbacks, however, and when an evil syndicate known as Ashura sets its sights on them, they must grow even stronger and fight for their lives. Controlled by the dark and mysterious Bison, Ashura will stop at nothing to further Bison's sinister goals; but Ashura is just the tip of the iceberg...

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ParaParaJMo Mar 13, 2014
Score 9/10

Personally, I really liked the approach the staff did with this series by making Ken and Ryu teenagers. Putting them at that age gives better and more sensible opportunities for character development and sets things in a whole new perspective. OK, what I am going to say is a spoiler, but I need to mention it for multiple reasons, one of the reasons is to mention a negative and to inform those who are fans of... read more

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Jehowi Nov 12, 2013
Score 5.9/10

Street Fighter IV Storyline 7. As a kid, I used to play fighting games like Tekken, Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat all the time. It was therefore purely for nostalgia reasons that I decided to watch the Street Fighter Anime series. The story is appealing to kids and people who play(ed) the game. Ken and Ryu travel the world to improve their fighting skills. Along the way, they meet all sorts of fighters and... read more

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