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My Anime Collection!by HatsuneMiku01

Anime I have purchased for my personnel collection. Hopefully I will attain more as the future unfolds.

Shoujo Ai/ Yuri /Implied Shoujo Aiby ravenrhen

These anime are the best albeit not all of them are really yuri/shoujo ai anime but the genre is implied in them but its not really the general topic and k-on shoujo ai plots best works on fanfiction.

The Best Loveby UlrikaWulff

no especificamente shojo

ANIME I NEED!by Soccerlove180

Anime that I'd really love to get on DVD! (All in random order... mostly! XD)

An Otaku's Beginningby Reem

Let me say this's my first year in Anime World and Otaku staffs . So these shows are my first ones - you can say - .