Strawberry Marshmallow

Alt title: Ichigo Mashimaro

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After her grandmother dies, thirteen year-old Kana Nakamachi runs away from home convinced her absent parents will sell her. She tries to find a job, but with nowhere willing to hire a girl of her age without parental consent, she is back at square one. Then, to make matters worse, a young girl called Yume crashes her bicycle into Kana and knocks her unconscious! Following this chance encounter, Kana learns of a job vacancy at the newspaper company that Yume works for and quickly applies. Now Kana has secured herself a live-in job delivering newspapers along with her new co-workers: lively Yume; quiet Yuki; drunken and perverted Haruka; money-hungry Hinata; and grade school deputy manager, Saki. From memorizing her paper route to learning how to ride a bicycle to fixing her terrifying smile, Kana’s new life has only just begun.

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Reasons you might like Kanamemo...

cassiesheepgirl cassiesheepgirl says...

Both Ichigo Mashimaro and Kanamemo are slice-of-life series with a lot of comedy thrown in. While the comedic content of Kanamemo is more wacky than that of Ichigo, if you enjoyed one, it's worth checking out the other.

Fireaxe Fireaxe says...

Those two series are both slice-of-life comedies with similar artwork. Be warned that Kanamemo's humor is a LOT whackier, and Ichigo Mashimaro is definitely cuter, but both shows portray the same themes, though each in a different manner.

chii chii says...

Both anime have a group of wacky girls that do hilarious things together. Kanamemo takes things to the more crazy odd side of humor but both anime have amazing characters that are sure to make you giggle and go awwwww with cuteness. Check out one if you liked the other.

Omurqi Omurqi says...

Both Strawberry Marshmallow and Kanamemo are slice-of-life shows about a group of girls with lots of comedy thrown in. Kanamemo is a lot wackier and "in-your-face" with its humor, and Strawberry Marshmallow a lot more innocent, but both shows have a very similar feel to them because of the wide variety of personalities. If you enjoyed one of these, check out the other!

KiraRin KiraRin says...

First impressions are not always the best way to judge a show, and Mashimaro and Kanamemo both prove this. Slice of life mixed with comedy give these an easy to watch element. If you're looking for a cute and adorable bit of fun, I recommend both.

Sketchbook ~full color's~

Sketchbook ~full color's~

Kajiwara Sora is a shy girl who loves to draw. She's a member of the art club at school, even though one of the other members scares her sometimes. She finds drawing things like flowers or fruit easy enough, but she puzzles over how to capture more fleeting moments, like the flapping of a bird's wings or a cat that won't sit still. There are things she can draw, and things she can't draw, and with the help of her friends in the art club, she's going to experience them all to the fullest.

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Reasons you might like Sketchbook ~full color's~...

Ragnarokr Ragnarokr says...

You can say that Ichigo Mashimaro is a grade school version of Sketchbook ~Full Color's~. Both are slice of life, relaxed, soft and warm stories with no big worries at all.

flyboy42 flyboy42 says...

I don't know why, but anyone I've shown sketchbook to (and liked it) also liked strawberry marshmallow, probably because they are both slice of life comedy shonens

Pannya Pannya says...

Both series are easy-going, slice of life type stories that contain warm moments and comedy moments as well. If you liked one, you should give the other a try.



On a day like any other, average middle-school-student Yurie Hitotsubashi got the surprise of a lifetime – she became a goddess! Unfortunately, even with her newfound powers, Yurie still can’t manage to find the courage to confess to Kenji, her crush. With Yurie’s fame comes others’ fortune; Matsuri, caretaker of the local shrine, names Yurie the shrine’s new goddess and becomes her manager – for yen and glory! Along with Yurie’s faithful best friend Mitsue, the trio set forth on an adventure to find out what it really means to become a goddess.

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Reasons you might like Kamichu!...

Prettykitty20034 Prettykitty20034 says...

These series are of the comedic slice-of-life variety. Both of them are rather loose on plot but heavy on characterization. They each focus on a group of friends and have a very "go with the flow" feeling to them. If you liked one, give the other a try.

Digix Digix says...

Both animes have cute characters characters and quite light story.

Kamichu is more childish and feature unreal stories, Strawberry Marshmallow is quite realistic, but overall they have similar style.

AirCommodore AirCommodore says...

Ichigo Marshmallow and Kamichu! are über-charming slice-of life series about protagonists slightly younger than most in the genre (elementary and middle school, respectively). As such, they have free reign to be the most cute and adorable and other-synonyms-for-cute shows ever. Also, they're hilarious. The art style is pretty similar, too (sort of rounded and flowy with similar colors).

Bottle Fairy

Bottle Fairy

Kururu, Chiriri, Sarara, and Hororo are four faries who aspire to become human. To do this, they leave the fairy world to study for a year in our world. Aided by their friends Sensei-san and Tama, they have fun learning about topics ranging from school graduation ceremonies and sports festivals to romance and caring for flowers. But as the end of the year of study approaches, will they have learned enough to realize their dreams?

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Reasons you might like Bottle Fairy...

shortlex shortlex says...

Both Strawberry Marshmallow and Bottle Fairy have a cuteness factor that goes far beyond the pressure point! Both have cute, funny, and clueless scenarios that the characters come up with.

If you like clueless acts that turn funny and cute, then Bottle Fairy is what to watch next.

Himitsu Himitsu says...

Ichigo Mashimaro and Bottle Fairy are full of quirks of everyday life and are full of imagination. Another obvious similarity is that they're both extremely cute. Bottle Fairy has input a lot of silly scenarios and daydreams; it requires very little from the viewer, to enjoy the title.



Kamizono Academy is so spacious that transfer student Ayumi Nonomura and long time resident Tatsuki Iizuka find themselves lost together in the corridors. With the addition of fiery Torako Kageyama and quirky, somber Suzume Saotome, the four quickly become friends and comrades in arms against boredom. Whether it's being a last minute Morals Officer with bisexual Nene or constructing robots with Kageyama, there's plenty of fun to go around at Kamizono Academy!

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Reasons you might like Hyakko...

sothis sothis says...

Ichigo Mashimaro is a much more lighthearted and childish version of Hyakko, but both have a very similar feel. While anime like Azumanga Daioh are more geared towards schoolkid comedy, Ichigo and Hyakko are a bit softer and more innocent (though Hyakko does have the occasional bit of ecchi). If you liked one I think you'd like the other.

ace52387 ace52387 says...

Unlike many other Anime Comedies, Hyakko and Ichigo Mashimaro cut out Bobobo or Hare+Guu like wackiness in favor of a more down to earth, though often just as random Boke Tsukomi, Japanese comedy duo style of humor with a single character as the designated "idiot" throughout the whole series.

Both series' also have occasional genuinely emotional moments, which grounds the series as a slice of life rather than an out of control gag reel.