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Kou is searching for his older brother Takumi, who left home and has gone missing in the city. Worried that he's in trouble, Kou decides not to go home until he's found him, only to find him all too easily. Takumi, it turns out, has become head of the Mikuni Detective Agency, and has no intention of going back home. Kou decides that if he can't make Takumi return, then he'll join the agency himself.

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hotspot's avatar by hotspot on Sep 25, 2014
Score: 9.5/10

Strange + is about a group of detectives, of course they're all outrageous and either get the job done in the craziest way, or never get the job done and get sidetracked. The anime is a parody, and it gets every anime stereotype out there; there's something in it for everyone! I watched Strange + about three months ago, I just finished watching the sequel Sin Strange+. I must say that I love Strange +/Sin... read more

Grach's avatar by Grach on Mar 29, 2014
Score: 7/10

 Not really much to say about this one other than that it does not deserve it's average rating that it currently holds. It's not meant to be serious, which therefore means there is not much in the way of continuity. Or plot. It's random, in other words - completely, utterly random. This is not a bad thing, though; it leads to a great deal of comedy. Most of which is action-packed and makes as much sense as... read more

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