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When evil genius scientist Dr. Jumba's creation - the blue, troublemaking creature known as Stitch - escapes and crash lands his spaceship on Earth, he quickly finds himself in young Yuuna's life. Together with Yuuna and her mother, Stitch explores and experiences the island that they call home, running into mischievous spirits along the way. And when Dr. Jumba himself and Earth studies expert Wendy Pleakley arrive at the planet to watch over Stitch, things become a lot more interesting!

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angelsreviews's avatar by angelsreviews on Jul 18, 2013
Score 5/10

Oh my god… they made another one? So this one is supposed to be after Lilo gets a boyfriend or something. Stitch, up to no good as always, jumps on his little flying car and starts to create mayhem. We have the same enemies, the same stupid sidekicks, and the same out of control main character as before, but with a different girl. They have the same storyline with Ichariba Chodei (Also known as Ohana)... read more

TheDudeMcDude's avatar by TheDudeMcDude on Nov 2, 2012
Score 2/10

There was once a great little Movie known as Lilo and Stitch. It is considered one of Disney's best Movies (of modern Disney Movies) and thus made a lot of money and even made a franchise out of it, consisting of 3 extra Movies and a T.V. series. After the last Movie was made, every fan was happy, the series had ended and we where happy to be part of a great franchise. Disney on the other hand had other ideas... read more

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