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Stellvia of the Universe

Alt titles: Uchuu no Stellvia

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3.769 out of 5 from 2,448 votes
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It is the year 2356 AD, 189 years after a shockwave from a distant supernova decimated the Earth. Since that fateful day, humanity has begun training for a final mission to protect the planet from the inevitable oncoming 2nd shockwave - a mission whose failure means the annihilation of mankind. For Katase and her friends, their training at the foundation Stellvia is just the beginning of an adventure that could lead to saving the world, or seeing its end...

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related manga

Manga Name Year Relation More Info
Stellvia 2003 TBD
Name Role
Makoto UNO Character Design
Tatsuo SATO Director
Seikou NAGAOKA Music
Shinichi IKEDA Producer
Gou NAKANISHI Producer
Takatoshi CHINO Producer

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Official Editorial Reviews

Title Author Score Date
Stellvia of the Universe sothis 9/10 Nov 16, 2006
Uchuu no Stellvia sothis 9/10 Nov 16, 2006

Community Reviews

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Title Author Score Date
Stellvia of the Universe kirant 7.5/10 Dec 10, 2012
Uchuu no Stellvia kirant 7.5/10 Dec 10, 2012
Stellvia of the Universe roriconfan 4.5/10 Jul 23, 2012
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Theme Songs to get MeoRooster 127 May 26, 2014
anime order every 10th round YamiRin 1180 Jan 20, 2014
Anime watched in 2014 Maikeru545 58 Jan 3, 2014

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Space is a main subject in both series. So do humanoid robots and other spacecrafts. Though where Vandread focusses on the humor, Stellvia clearly focusses alot more on the drama and character development.
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