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Anime With Mental Illnessby PurplePeopleEater

This is a list of anime with one or more characters who have or appear to have a mental disorder.

Anime with a difficult plotby Animatis

Anime with a difficult (to understand) story

top 10 Seinen Animeby ReqSho

Mystery,Psychological,Horror,Drama,Thriller,Mind Games, top 10 of those ive seen

Compulsive viewingby oogeej

Anime I was, at some point, watching three or more episodes at a time.

Anime series you wouldn't want to miss!by ZeroG3

A list of some of my favorite shows with comments.

Top 10 Greatest Animeby KennethDonneth

top 10 best anime that i seen so far

Top Ten Greatest Anime Everby DPortugal7

The top ten best anime I've seen (so far).

#71 - My top 50 Animeby ArTizQ

(Without Ecchi/Film/OVA and shonen like Naruto/Bleach/One Piece)

All Animes Watchedby Jimmyaksmo96

Commentaries will come later on..