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Anime Rewatch Priority Listby PhantomRiolu

this list is for anime i want to give another watch since i feel like i either rushed through them or just didnt pay attention a good lot of the time.

100 Anime Challenge 2016by Yukiai

I challange myself to watch as many animes as I can from this list before 2016 ends.Only first season included.This doesn't include the animes that haven't aired yet,because I might get interested in some of those.Thank you.

Top 10 favourite animeby eLkathebaloon

My current top 10 anime list, I removed Jin-Roh not because of it's quality, but because it's a movie, and I think I should make an another list for movies.

Anime Openings and Endingsby Clinginggiant

A list containing some note worthy openings and endings.