Steins;Gate The Movie

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Kurisu has returned to Akihabara after a year in America, and although she and Okabe have a somewhat romantic reunion, their time together does not last long. Okabe begins to have images of other timelines, and ultimately disappears from everyone's sights and memories. Kurisu must fight against her own heart to decide whether to follow the path of a scientist and follow Okabe's words to not go back in time to get him back, or let her emotions drive her to save her most precious person, no matter what dangerous effects it may have on the world.

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ASimpleLotus's avatar by ASimpleLotus on Jan 2, 2014
Score: 10/10

It fulfills the wish of every Steins; Gate fan wanting to go back in time and relive the wonder of the anime. I have a feeling that the creators of this anime have an actual "time leap" machine and have released and edited this movie over and over until it became the masterpiece that you see before you. What I just watched soared over every expectation I had of this movie. Sequels to anime that... read more

FlyByNight's avatar by FlyByNight on Apr 14, 2015
Score: 9.5/10

Did you enjoy the series it was based on? The OVA? Then you pretty much have to see this film. There really isn't a need to further this review.  "What if I didn't see the series?" Then you shouldn't be here. You should be watching it. Also there is this scene. read more

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