Starship Operators

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When the oppressive Kingdom suddenly conquers the planet Kibi, a group of space cadets are stranded aboard the spaceship Amaterasu. With no money or power, the crew is funded by the Space Channel TV station… for a price. For though they are given the money to buy the Amaterasu and battle the Kingdom, Shinon and the rest of the cadets must also become reality TV stars, allowing the network to dictate how they look, how they fight, and how they react when faced with the horrors of death. For the cadets aboard the Amaterasu, the battle has just begun...

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Sheex's avatar by Sheex on Apr 27, 2008
Score: 6.5/10

For a sci-fi packed with more potential than Barry Bonds with steroids, Starship Operators was painful to watch unfold.  At just about every possible turn the series managed to fail in one way or another, turning what could have been an outstanding series into unmemorable, bland one.  The premise itself, for being rather cliché, actually didn't initially seem that bad - a group... read more

Ymarsakar's avatar by Ymarsakar on Jul 25, 2015
Score: 10/10

The overall feeling for this series is space opera, but very short space opera. Everything is condensed into a tightly plotted war arc, based around the motivations/emotions of those fighting and the tactical fighting parameters of the starships themselves. For those that like tactical simulations and options in a war game, this series should be entertaining. For those looking for a longer story like Legend... read more



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