Star Driver: Kagayaki no Takuto

TV (25 eps)
3.507 out of 5 from 4,053 votes
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In the remote Southern Cross island, a secret organization named The Glittering Crux plans to reactivate giant mobile suits that have been sealed for ages. Known as cybodies, they can only be controlled by pilots identified as star drivers. To unleash their full power, the mysterious group must brake the seals of the four shrine maidens that reside in the isle. Recently arrived outsider Takuto Tsunashi vows to stop the Glittering Crux in order to protect Wako Agemaki, girl who saved his life and is one of the four maidens. Wako is a lively young lady who has already been betrothed to Sugata Shindou, a rich and talented childhood friend. Despite being very close to Agemaki, Sugata quietly disapproves this engagement since it was forced on to them due to a family tradition. The melancholic couple becomes a radiant trio as Takuto becomes not only their friend, but protector of the seals since he is none other than the Galactic Pretty Boy, gifted star driver of Tauburn, the 22nd cybody.

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KittyEmperor's avatar by KittyEmperor on Apr 20, 2011
Score: 7/10

Where to start...well by the end of the first episode of Star Driver I had the feeling that this was trying to be something close to that of Gurren Lagann.  While this show may never actually attain that level it is still a fairly good anime especially for those viewers who are looking for the not so average mecha battle anime. Story: The story of Star Driver is rather hard to place.  It is overall... read more

lelouchllover's avatar by lelouchllover on Sep 11, 2011
Score: 8.6/10

One my favorites animes of Summer 2011 is Mawaru penguindrum, so when I found out that the director of the latter worked on Star Driver: Kagayaki no Takuto I immediatly wanted to see it for myself. And boy it was so cool! The base story of Star Driver is a mecha-driven plot. At first I was reticent to continue to watch it because of that reason, but I soon learned to see Star Driver for what it really is. For... read more

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