Spirited Away

Alt title: Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi

Movie (1 ep x 125 min)
4.572 of 5 from 57,989 votes
Rank #28

Chihiro and her family are on their way to their new home, when they discover an abandoned amusement park. After Chihiro's family mysteriously turn into pigs, she is thrown into a surreal world of magic and fantasy. Join her as she struggles to survive in the bathhouse of the gods, ruled by an evil witch who has stolen not only her name, but her way back to the real world.

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mariprosa's avatar
mariprosa Jan 18, 2008
Score 8.5/10

Spirited Away is truly a trip into the imagination with excellent animation, a whimsical execution, and a storyline that leaves one not only liking the characters and progression of events, but also with warm emotions with the overall atmosphere. The movie introduces a young girl named Chihiro as a sullen 11-year old who comes into town with her parents for the first time, as they're moving... read more

mustardbomb's avatar
mustardbomb Apr 22, 2013
Score 4.5/10

I, for one, am okay with a more surreal experience. I enjoy nonlinear narratives, or cases where there is little narrative to be had. In other reviews I've expressed a fondness for David Lynch, which should encapsulate all I'm trying to say here.

I've also, in the past, expressed a hate for shows that aim to hit this kind of unique, abstract mark, and fail miserably. This, is what Spirited Away falls... read more

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