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Ten years have passed since the demise of the bubble economy, a time that polarized the world into two groups of people: the rich and the poor. In the present day, Saiga Tatsumi (a former war photographer) has been hired to investigate a secret club for the rich named the Roppongi Club, but he soon discovers secrets much darker than he’d ever imagined. With the help of a exploited goddess named Kagura, Saiga now possesses the power to kill by simply taking a photograph; but can he stay alive long enough to save her from her captors?

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ratchet573 Aug 13, 2014
Score 7.5/10

In all my years of watching anime I’ve encountered some really strange shows that left me scratching my head. But in all this time, despite the Boku no Pico‘s and the Kodomo no Jikan‘s, and even the Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures, I’ve never encountered anything quite as... read more

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bvincent Jan 19, 2013
Score 7/10

Speed Grapher is as cool and sexy as it is grimey and unpleasent. I know this show doesn't have a good reputation, It was met with less than steller reviews back when it was released. But after watching it from beginning to end in less than two days I rather enjoyed its uncomprimising style, It's fetishes. It's driven by characters who are selfish to the core. It explores the dangers of obsession and of greed... read more

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