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Amazing Anime'sby pinkfettel

In order... at least for the most part.. these get hard to sort after a while because you're like "well i like it more than x but not more than y but y is below x" it can get very complicated sometimes. Anyways do keep in mind that this is just a...

Most Favorite Animesby SabrinaStarrie

Spoiler free mini reviews! In numerical order (or as close as I can rank them)

Sweet Otome, protection, heart-melting stuff for girlsby NatNatNat

The main similarity of each anime in this list is always a girl (or fragile person), who seeks protection or is protected by a second party. Mostly romantic feelings included. (Also, since this covers my favourite "genre", basically my top fav...

sex/abuseby skyeanne1

animes that have to do with sexual abuse or violent abuse

Favorite animeby pokelvis

Increadibly funny, deep, stupid, badass, ridiculous or cute ..... Instant satisfaction at the tip of your eyeballs!! ( in no perticular order)