Special A



gulalaylovesanime's avatar By on Apr 10, 2015

i loveit i can watch it over and over again this wasmy first anime ever and i loved it it was the best on.

10/10 story
10/10 animation
9/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
ffbfran's avatar By on Oct 14, 2014

The density of the main female character (Hikari) to admit her feelings and realize the feelings others have for her (mainly Kei). Other than the occasional annoyance that presents this anime is good. All the other characters are great and I love the interaction and growth they all go through. It sails through seemingly smoothly, other than the relationship drama, until towards the end when the drama increases just a little.

Kei is too perfect at everything and even though Hikari is as well it's not good enough unless she beats Kei, which seems virtually impossible as she hasn’t been able to ever in all the years she has known him. Their relationship seems to waver between love-hate which makes it more entertaining. The music isn't anything to get excited about it. I didn’t even remember what it was after watching it. The art is good. The main selling points are the hilarity of the story, Hikari failing in her mission to defeat Kei at anything and everything, and the characters themselves.

10/10 story
9/10 animation
6/10 sound
10/10 characters
9/10 overall
Byukkun's avatar By on Jun 17, 2015

This review is only based off the first four episodes and the last episode.

I had heard my friends ramble about this anime - they love it - they adore it and I was too lazy to check it out at first so I forgot about it. Just recently however I found out that it had been English dubbed so I said "why not" and honestly I kind of regret it.

I watched abut 10 minutes of the English dubbed first episode and couldn't go on. It was honestly terrible. I actually love most of the cast in other roles, however this anime was poorly casted and acted. 
Because of this, I switched to sub.
The voice acting still wasn't outstanding but the voices were definitely more suited to the characters.

Honestly this anime doesn't have too much of a story. After the first episode I already thought that it was obvious that Kei liked Hikari. There wasn't much development though besides the fact that they've known eachother since they were kids and Kei is crazy amazing and Hikari wants to surpass him. After 4 episodes I was honestly getting bored so I decided to just go ahead and watch the last episode and be done with this anime.
After watching the last episode though I wasn't too confused. There were some new characters I missed out on in the 20 episodes I skipped sure and some secondary couple got together which I didn't get to see develop but anything between the two main characters was pretty easy to grasp. Had the two gone through any development at all? Kei had already liked Hikari for a long time obviously and I guess Hikari really liked him too in the end because she chased after him. It wasn't really a big surprise.

The characters were honestly something that pissed me off the most. You have some pretty cliche characters and some real wackos which serve no purpose. All the characters are pretty much the most unrealistic things you could imagine.
You have the two main characters. The boy protagonist is super smart - so smart that he only needs to look at one thing once and he remembers it forever. He never studies and he's extremely good at sport and insanely strong. The girl protagonist is also super smart - but not as smart as her childhood friend, who happens to be the male protagonist, and constantly coming 2nd place to him despite being amazing, even only by like, one dragonfly. She's also so strong that when washing rice she grinds it up with her bare hands. 
I'm sure if she was that strong she would be ripped and not some tiny high school girl.
The secondary characters are kind of meh and they're also stereotypical which pretty much means that they won't get as much character development. Dissapointing at the least.

I find this anime kind of ridiculous. I know I only watched 5 episodes but if I can still get the gist and if I'm not into it by the 2nd episode someone's doing something wrong and it's not me.
Also at the end when they kiss - she JUMPS OFF THE BIG BEN AND HE JUMPS OF TOO AND THEY KISS IN MIDAIR? WTF? Did they fall afterwards? 
Not my anime - lack of character development (even after 5 episodes I expect some progress besides Kei is a dick and Hikari wants to be better than him), ridiculous characters and unrealistic abilities. If you like it, you like it I guess and I've only watched a few episodes but honestly I think that you're wasting your time with this one.

2/10 story
8/10 animation
?/10 sound
3/10 characters
4/10 overall
BigDumbOhFace's avatar By on Oct 7, 2014

I first came across this anime after googling some good School Life anime's to watch.  Special A was on that list and I put it on mine to check it out.  Sadly, I had to drop it.  I just couldn't get it.  It just didn't have that charm I found in a lot of other animes I've watched.  There was always that one thing about an anime I find that made me want to watch it.  I just couldn't find it here.  If anything, I'm always over-praising an anime.  Everything just wasn't my taste.  However, I am genuinely upset that I cannot will myself to finish it and I know I shouldn't.  There's so many good reviews that I'm kinda forced myself to try and find a reason to like it.  If I do I won't properly it as I should.  Hopefully I'll come back in the future and start fresh.

?/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
?/10 characters
5/10 overall
Kintoista's avatar By on Sep 29, 2014

[Don't read if you loved it cause you'll wanna punch me and this is just a very personal point of view I have. All of it.]

Can I just say: I HATE the lead character (?) I don't mind any of the others so I gave it a five, but if it were for her I would give it a -5000. I freaken HATE her. She is SO ridiculous and witless. Her goodness is just annoying to the point of stupidity I don't understand why every character liked her so much. She wasn't even that nice, she was just "nice" in an obtuse "I can do it all, everything anyone ever says is a challenge I overreact to" kinda way.

Seriously, I wanted to punch her. This was SO difficult for me to endure. Why didn't I just give up watching it altogether then? I wanted to see the epic "happy love" ending. I wanted to know if I was hating her with good motive or just cause I found her unbearably dense and annoying and loud (and.... WTH is wrong with her and rice? goddamit woman, the machine MAKES it!) or if she would actually realize she had feelings for the guy and become a less exasperating human being.

Competing with him was fine. Lame plot but fine. But she showed no interest whatsoever and then suddenly: oh yeah, you know what, I love you. I am obsessed with beating you so at the veeeeeeery last moment ever, woops! ["SPOILER" ALERT] yeah you're probably right. Let's kiss. And then probably back to square one, cause in the end  it's like a scene from the first ep (i know, I know after it all they got to be together in school again. I get it). [end of spoiler]. But I bet she probably won't be able to hold hands or kiss anyway, cause she'll think it's a freaken challenge and she'll ruin any mood wearing an embarrasingly stupid, out of context bunny costume (not to mention getting stuck with making the silly-not-even-cute-or-funny-just-lame voice for a while after removing it).

GOSH. Seriously. HATE her like I never hated anything in anime ever before lol. 

Characters: Aside from the above, I liked most. The other relationship that begins is cute and funny to watch :)

Animation: It was good. I will always respect the work of animators <3 

(The lead girl wasn't even easy on the eyes. Come on. u_u;). *Runs and hides before they murder her for this review* 

(very personal annoyed review I know. I'm blowing off a lot steam. I'm so SORRY >.< ).

2/10 story
8/10 animation
?/10 sound
5/10 characters
2/10 overall