Special A



snugglebums's avatar By snugglebums on Mar 2, 2013

I rate this anime a 9.5 because honestly i love this anime. the only issue and i mean the only issue i have with this anime is that the ending isn't that great and it just made it seem a bit lame in the end i mean i guess we have our opinions but mine is that it wasnt a great ending it made me cry like once. It's one of my favorites though so i would highly recommend this ! thanks, Have a happy time watching anime!!

9/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
9.5/10 overall
ffbfran's avatar By ffbfran on Oct 14, 2014

The density of the main female character (Hikari) to admit her feelings and realize the feelings others have for her (mainly Kei). Other than the occasional annoyance that presents this anime is good. All the other characters are great and I love the interaction and growth they all go through. It sails through seemingly smoothly, other than the relationship drama, until towards the end when the drama increases just a little.

Kei is too perfect at everything and even though Hikari is as well it's not good enough unless she beats Kei, which seems virtually impossible as she hasn’t been able to ever in all the years she has known him. Their relationship seems to waver between love-hate which makes it more entertaining. The music isn't anything to get excited about it. I didn’t even remember what it was after watching it. The art is good. The main selling points are the hilarity of the story, Hikari failing in her mission to defeat Kei at anything and everything, and the characters themselves.

10/10 story
9/10 animation
6/10 sound
10/10 characters
9/10 overall
Kintoista's avatar By Kintoista on Sep 29, 2014

[Don't read if you loved it cause you'll wanna punch me and this is just a very personal point of view I have. All of it.]

Can I just say: I HATE the lead character (?) I don't mind any of the others so I gave it a five, but if it were for her I would give it a -5000. I freaken HATE her. She is SO ridiculous and witless. Her goodness is just annoying to the point of stupidity I don't understand why every character liked her so much. She wasn't even that nice, she was just "nice" in an obtuse "I can do it all, everything anyone ever says is a challenge I overreact to" kinda way.

Seriously, I wanted to punch her. This was SO difficult for me to endure. Why didn't I just give up watching it altogether then? I wanted to see the epic "happy love" ending. I wanted to know if I was hating her with good motive or just cause I found her unbearably dense and annoying and loud (and.... WTH is wrong with her and rice? goddamit woman, the machine MAKES it!) or if she would actually realize she had feelings for the guy and become a less exasperating human being.

Competing with him was fine. Lame plot but fine. But she showed no interest whatsoever and then suddenly: oh yeah, you know what, I love you. I am obsessed with beating you so at the veeeeeeery last moment ever, woops! ["SPOILER" ALERT] yeah you're probably right. Let's kiss. And then probably back to square one, cause in the end  it's like a scene from the first ep (i know, I know after it all they got to be together in school again. I get it). [end of spoiler]. But I bet she probably won't be able to hold hands or kiss anyway, cause she'll think it's a freaken challenge and she'll ruin any mood wearing an embarrasingly stupid, out of context bunny costume (not to mention getting stuck with making the silly-not-even-cute-or-funny-just-lame voice for a while after removing it).

GOSH. Seriously. HATE her like I never hated anything in anime ever before lol. 

Characters: Aside from the above, I liked most. The other relationship that begins is cute and funny to watch :)

Animation: It was good. I will always respect the work of animators <3 

(The lead girl wasn't even easy on the eyes. Come on. u_u;). *Runs and hides before they murder her for this review* 

(very personal annoyed review I know. I'm blowing off a lot steam. I'm so SORRY >.< ).

2/10 story
8/10 animation
?/10 sound
5/10 characters
2/10 overall
RiceBunneh's avatar By RiceBunneh on Dec 27, 2009

Special A contains the atmosphere of the commonly scene high school life of a budding romance between a boy and girl.  As common as it may seem, the strenuous life of Hikari enforces herself to become number one, agaisnt her top rival, since childhood, Tadashi.  The anime's cliche scenes come across numerous times, even though I've watched a few episodes.  During the beginning episodes of this anime, it's obvious to predict the ending, of the long awaited confession of Tadashi and Hikari's love.  Besides the unoriginal storyline and character development of the special class, "S.A," I became fond of the cutsey randomness of many of the secondary characters.  Unfortunately, I can't really commend any support for the animation of this anime.  The elongated characters remind me of clamps first works of tsubasa chronicles; the overly sized hands and feet. (-.-)  Overall, I do believe this anime has some enjoyable factors of romantic comedy, and high school life with a group of rich kids, but I can't help but feel bored after the first few eps, especially seeing too many of the same punchlines, and the  sitting through the predictable endings of each episode. 

7/10 story
5/10 animation
8/10 sound
6/10 characters
6/10 overall
MidnightAria's avatar By MidnightAria on Jul 7, 2011

6 out of 10 stars.
This review is based on episodes 24 out of 24.

Okay so I finished the whole anime in one day. I was actually looking forward to this anime a lot, but it kind of disappointed me.


Having Kei there didn’t do much of an effect, because there isn’t any overall plot. There’s Hikari, who has her goal of being “first” among Kei and herself, but what about his goal? Throughout the whole anime, I couldn’t find a logical goal for him besides the fact he wants Hikari to see how he feels. Bleh. In every romance anime, there simply must be some other goal. Otherwise, the characters don’t appear realistic. 

There are times where it’s really obvious Kei likes Hikari, and it really annoys me to see how she never notices it. I absolutely hate it when the female character is too naïve to realise the feelings the “hero” has for her. The worst thing is, Hikari’s a really smart girl who gets second place in all exams. So how come she’s not smart enough to realise one small detail? 

Another negative, like I’ve stated above, is how the anime doesn’t have any plot. It’s pretty much a group of seven teenagers, all with their own quirks and style, locked up together because they’re really good at academics. The thing is, how come we never see them studying? All of them are so relaxed, it’s hard to believe that not one of them are study-obsessed. 

Then we have the absolutely worst part of the entire anime –the ending. Seriously, it’s like the creators didn’t know where to go, or how to conclude this, and so they decided it’s best to have things back the way it was. Have you ever heard that in a story, the characters must learn something or it’s not really a story? What have we learnt in this anime, besides the fact everybody except Ryuu has a soul-mate? That really annoyed me, because Hikari still didn’t learn her lesson on how coming first isn’t so much of a big deal. Should that be the whole point of this anime? 

I doubt that any school, no matter how wacky and wild, would let their students have a greenhouse all to themselves. Especially since there are animals running around, Hikari burning all the food and people playfully hitting each other. But this is an anime, after all, so it’s all good. 

Nobody’s going to fly all the way somewhere to retrieve a guy. Seriously, Hikari. Nobody would even let you go anywhere so far-fetched.


The graphics of this anime is very entertaining and wonderful. The expressions they have, and how Kei is so cute. *gushes* Anyhow, the colours are bright and vivid and they attract me to the entire plot, despite there not being one. The Special A area truly does seem like a dream come true, because it’s such a relaxing and wonderful environment to live in. 

I love how all the characters ended up with somebody. There was the most unlikely couple with Megumi and Yahiro which really was unpredictable. The way he cared about Megumi, despite not really liking her, caught my heart. Then he bought her that little doodle thingo, where she could write something and pull on that lever to erase it. She could reuse it. 

There was Akira, who ended up with a guy she always tries to beat up (Tadashi). I thought that was exceptionally cute, but yeah. 

There are a lot of minor characters in this anime, but it’s all for the better. The characters all come together at the end, and the writer has effectively made them so they all tie up characters and tell us little details about them. 

This anime is really funny at times! A couple of times I would just burst out laughing like a maniac. There was this one time when a random girl was sitting in the middle of Kei and Ryuu. She asks Kei what his type is, and then he just blocks her out with a, “You don’t need to know.” And then, when she asks Ryuu, he’s like, “I like all types of mammals” and is in a dream-like stage with a thought-bubble coming out with animals in there. It made me laugh out so loud. 

Romantic? Check. This is possibly one of the most romantic animes I’ve come across, and the best thing is, it’s all realistic. They don’t stage themselves to loving each other in a second, and I respect that about this anime. 

Typically, this was a romance anime. Don’t expect anything more, because it’s nothing more than something to do with romance. Heck, it doesn’t even show you anything to learn –instead, it’s just something people would watch for fun if they’re in a romantic mood. So, yeah. I didn’t particularly like it for that reason, because if you really know me, you’d know I hate it when things have nothing but romance in them. It’s kind of worn out. 

?/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
?/10 characters
6/10 overall