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For the love of great animeby fuckssake

These are some of my favorite animes that I really think everyone should give a chance. I tried putting this in order, but it's hard since they're completely different genres. How do you rate a great drama series next to a great psychological one...

My Favorite Animeby jassassin11

This is a list of my favorite anime, you may not like some of them, but I love these. I made it most favorite to least favorite, but I still love them all.

Top Twenty-Seven Romance Animes!by CloudKat

This list is my top twenty-seven romance animes of all time.

Best Romance Animeby SyoTsundere

Here are some of my favorite romances, some have good development and others are romcom's done right.

My Top Shoujo!by AnimeChick2203

Out of the shoujo anime i have watched these are some of my favorites! (no particular order) :D

Favoritesby GeishasKiss

List of favorite anime's as of 7/16/15 alphabetical order