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  • Diabolik Lovers
  • Diabolik Lovers More, Blood
  • Death Note
  • Brothers Conflict
  • Blue Exorcist

My fav Animes.! by InsaneSuzu

This is a list about my favourite Animes I've watched. I usually prefer Romance (especially Reverse Harem), but if the story and the characters are amazing, I like Action Animes too. Drama and...

  • Amagi Brilliant Park
  • Aldnoah Zero (2015)
  • Aldnoah Zero
  • Riddle Story of Devil
  • 07-Ghost

Give it a Shot! by willowwisp

A Bunch of anime either i want others to try or anime i should try

  • Wolf Children
  • Steins;Gate The Movie
  • Steins;Gate Special
  • Steins;Gate
  • Death Note

For the love of great anime by fuckssake

These are some of my favorite animes that I really think everyone should give a chance. I tried putting this in order, but it's hard since some series are good in one way, but bad in another. I...

  • Seitokai no Ichizon
  • Fairy Tail 2
  • Fairy Tail
  • Angel Beats!
  • Danganronpa: The Animation

My Favorite Anime by jassassin11

This is a list of my favorite anime, you may not like some of them, but I love these. I made it most favorite to least favorite, but I still love them all.