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Custom Lists

High Schoolby delolmo

This anime has a strong focus in being in high school

Top Rom Com Shoujo Reccomendationsby Jax23

This is my top romance comedy recommendations list in no particular order

My Emotions though...... *gun shots*by Silvernotebook

Anime that made me laugh, cry, smile uncontrollably, and all that shizz.....

My top 10 romance animeby Cupcake11

My list is about showing you the best romance anime although you may or may not agree with me I ask you to check some of them out to see if I am right or not thank you

My Favorite Animeby Ripleycat

I love adorable romance anime, so most of this will be romance, but there are a few that were good enough to watch regardless. Its mainly my favorites, meaning if anyone has the same taste in anime as me this is for you.

The Stuggle to Loveby kalovewhat

My list is about Romance and how hard it can be, but also why we root for it an look for Love everywhere we can.