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Shoujo/Romance animes that are worth watchingby AreenTyler

Shoujo animes with pure romance, youthful, comedy and less drama. They are arranged from the best from top. I'll be adding more as I go.

Favorites { anime }by ohjoooyce13

Alphabetical || Not complete

100 Romance Animeby ShannonTsundere

Are you a sucker of romance series such as me? You might want to check this list out, which all contains my favorite romance series.

Best Of Romance -comedyby mamorukun

Not only sol or school life romance, but the most enjoyable anime from any genre that combine romance and comedy.

2016 Anime Listby CookieGirl

Anime I plan on watching in 2016.

My Top 17 romance animeby JadeStar713

Well, the title yet again says it all....

Awesome animes that I loveby brittlois

It's about the anime that I absolutely love and would recommend to anyone.