Space Pirate Mito

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She’s feisty, strong, is stuck in the body of a child, and is wanted in fifteen star systems for crimes against the Galactic Empire – she’s Space Pirate Mito! Alongside her trusty crew of creatures and cyborgs, Mito is constantly on the run from members of the Galactic Patrol and evildoers who want their hands on the most powerful weapon in the world; but now she has her sights set on something far more valuable: her son. Aoi Mitsukuni is a young teenager who has grown up without his mother – but little did he know that she’s none other than Mito, and even worse, the woman he remembers is the cyborg suit that Mito must inhabit to look like a normal adult! Aoi must now cope with his new family life, dodge the clutches of two Galactic Patrol operatives (one of which he finds himself falling in love with), and discover the secrets of his mother and the universe...

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roriconfan's avatar by roriconfan on Sep 12, 2012
Score: 4/10

This anime is basically about the animators getting stoned and making a show as wacky as possible. Everything in it is excused to be as such (thus it makes sense) and at the same time there are so many things happening in a chaotic manner that it feels random (thus it doesn’t make sense). To put it in other words, they had good ideas but went easy on the whole thing and focused more on craziness rather... read more

Mito63's avatar by Mito63 on May 12, 2012
Score: 8/10

Space Pirate Mito (aka Stellar Buster Mito) is a late 90s sci-fi action anime. Admittedly it's mostly geared towards a younger audience, featuring many simple characters and concentrating on people chasing each other around, having been designed in bright colours and seldom letting off the high tempo of its narration.

But it's a bit more than that. The main character, a three-foot female space pirate by... read more

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