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Space Pirate Mito

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2.811 out of 5 from 90 votes
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She’s feisty, strong, is stuck in the body of a child, and is wanted in fifteen star systems for crimes against the Galactic Empire – she’s Space Pirate Mito! Alongside her trusty crew of creatures and cyborgs, Mito is constantly on the run from members of the Galactic Patrol and evildoers who want their hands on the most powerful weapon in the world; but now she has her sights set on something far more valuable: her son. Aoi Mitsukuni is a young teenager who has grown up without his mother – but little did he know that she’s none other than Mito, and even worse, the woman he remembers is the cyborg suit that Mito must inhabit to look like a normal adult! Aoi must now cope with his new family life, dodge the clutches of two Galactic Patrol operatives (one of which he finds himself falling in love with), and discover the secrets of his mother and the universe...

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related anime

Anime Name Type Year Relation More Info
Aoi and Mutsuki: A Pair of Queens TV 1999 TBD
Name Role
Zerobanchi ISHIGAMI Character Design
Takashi WATANABE Director
Hikaru NANASE Music
Yoshiyuki ITO Producer
Ken MATSUMOTO Producer

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Title Author Score Date
Space Pirate Mito roriconfan 4/10 Sep 12, 2012
Space Pirate Mito Mito63 8/10 May 12, 2012
List Title Username Entries Date
animes to watch soon bankai922 13 May 3, 2012
Anime Characters added lesterf1020 324 Nov 20, 2010
12 ~ 15 eps Termia 63 Jul 9, 2009

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Strange Dawn

Strange Dawn

Emi and Yuko are two middle school girls who, with a flash of light, have suddenly found themselves in a place much farther than home, where all the people are only about a foot tall. Without further ado, they are named the Great Protectors, who were destined to appear. With war in the air and tensions on the rise, all the girls want to do is go home. But will they find a way back, even though they don't know how they arrived?

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Both series feature fun action amongst midget-sized characters coupled with some serious issues. In "Strange Dawn" it's war and its consequences, violence against women and teenage angst on a realistic level. In "Space Pirate Mito" it's identity issues within the family, androgyny and more (in season 2, titled "Aoi & Mutsuki…" in English). Strange Dawn has the best animation of the two, while "Space Pirate Mito" is the most cartoony one. But both should please the same type of audience.

Uchuu Kazoku Carlvinson

Uchuu Kazoku Carlvinson
  • OVA (1 ep x 45 min)
  • 1988

When the ragtag crew of the Carlvinson saw a spaceship crash land on a planet below, they had no idea they’d stumble across a now-orphaned baby girl! With none of her kind in sight, the cat-like Beruka, brain-faced Tah, robot Andy and the rest of the gang decide to raise little Corona until her people can be found. The very unorthodox “parents” and “extended family” of the Carlvinson will watch Corona grow from a baby to a young child, and will participate in mock dragonfly rescues, family field days, and more! But soon a transmission reveals that someone is coming to retrieve Corona – will Corona’s adopted family lose her forever?

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This recommendation might be a bit of a stretch, and I definitely think it only works in this direction, but hey, maybe you'll like it!

Like Space Pirate Mito, Carlvinson is an (actually) hilarious look at a wacky cast of aliens and robots and a child they must now deal with. While SPM is more focused on random, generic battles, Carlvinson is shorter and is more of a focus on character development and comedy. With similar themes and characters, you might enjoy it as well if you liked SPM!