Souten Kouro

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The Han Dynasty, which has ruled China for many generations, has become corrupt and oppressive - while the people starve and fall to illness, the Imperial nobles uncaringly live in luxury. One fateful day, Cao Cao, the sixteen-year-old son of a nobleman and leader of a troop of bandits, learns just what it is to suffer when the woman he loves is sold as a concubine to the devious Imperial Attendant, Zhang Rang. Their innocent romance destroyed, Cao Cao turns his efforts to becoming ruler of the world and thus restoring the true justice of Heaven to all people. But the journey to claiming ultimate power is long and fraught with great peril, and at every corner his unscrupulous enemies plot his downfall...

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TheStampede01's avatar by TheStampede01 on Nov 18, 2012
Score: 8.5/10

*WARNING* This anime contains exessive amounts of violence and blood, if you cannot stand those kinds of things, this anime is defintely not for you. Also this anime is very heavy on manliness. As such sits near the top of a short list of anime that I would consider Manime or manly anime. This usually means things such as manly admiration, manly tears and ofcourse minimal to nonexistent female presence. Okay... read more


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