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Date Kyosuke is a young man with problems. After being stabbed by his beloved mother, he discovers he has a long lost sister -- Runa. She is the first of many relatives that he and others in the story find tied into the seeming chaos of their lives. Date embarks on a quest to find Runa, aided by his new ability to turn into a monster; all the while in pitched battle at almost every turn with agents of mysterious organizations.

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roriconfan Dec 1, 2012
Score 6.5/10

This is the second most undermined series I know of, right after Brigadoon Marin to Melan. Practically everybody I know of consider it ugly and weird to the point they hate it. Well, I personally liked it a lot.

Soul Taker is in effect a very dark and mysterious approach to superheroes, blending a futuristic dystopia with mystery, religion, aliens and conspiracies, all in just a half season show. It... read more

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Epimondas Jun 28, 2016
Score 1/10

So far all I can say is, "what the hell?"?  Is this perhaps, David Lynch's drug induced attempt at anime and that is why it makes absolutely no sense?  The anime/art style is pretty poor and only adds to the intense confusion.  I vaguely get that the main character was stabbed but even that is not exactly perfectly clear, at least not at first, and I had to replay it a few times to get... read more

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