Soul Hunter

Alt title: Senkaiden Houshin Engi

TV (26 eps)
3.423 of 5 from 1,188 votes
Rank #2,437

Thousands of years ago, in 11th century BC, an eminent conflict brews between the immortals in the heavens and demons who dwell on the earth. Zhou, the wise ruler of the Yin Dynasty of humanity, has been put under a spell by the evil Dakki and his empire is slowly starving to death. Unable to sit by idly, the immortal sages task the brash Taikoubou with vanquishing the souls of 365 demons, including Dakki. Together with his trusty beast and a powerful weapon bestowed upon him by his teacher, Taikoubou reluctantly sets forth to complete his task, helping others, finding new companions and sealing away enemies along the way.

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