Soul Eater


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Not good enough to be called favourite but still goodby Jajajaja

Other anime that are really good but are in a completely different league than my faves (movies not included)

The King's ACTION Recommendationsby Kingofthekickasses

Do you feel like watching something that has barely any romance and a whole but loud of fighting? Well look no further as the king i will show you my own personal favorite action-packed animes!

Shinigami Animesby Tacos360

Anime's That Well... Have Shinigamis In Them,

Best funny animes!by AwakoEdelstein

Compilation of funny/absurd animes that will make you laugh at least one time. This list isn't completed, of course!

Animes that you MUST watch!by AwakoEdelstein

This is a compilation of animes from all genres that I think are great (in alphabetical order). This list isn't still finished, of course. Hope you like it!

The best animes with nosebloodby Diddiken

This is the list of the best animes with a lot of nosebleeding. I will not comment on every anime, because I am sleepy... Zzzz...

,,ThE BesT oF tHe F*cK*nG AwESomE EpIc FigHt AnIMe"by YingYangPL

I didnt put DBZ here becouse this anime is to legendary for this :D! If you want to see blood sweat tears and sooo touching souls scenes check this list!!!! ( SORRY FOR THIS SHIEET ENGLISH!)

My Favourite Animeby kanaki

All time favourites, they're all equal to each so they're in alphabetical order.