Soukou no Strain

Alt title: Strain: Strategic Armored Infantry

TV (13 eps)
3.441 of 5 from 1,638 votes
Rank #2,384

In the future, mankind is divided between two powers: Union, and Deague. For the young Sarah Werec, watching her dearest brother Ralph depart for the front lines of the war was a fate worse than death; for even if he were to survive, the 130 light year distance between them dictates that even if he were to return, she would be long since deceased. Thus, in an effort to see her brother again, Sarah sets out to become a pilot of the Strain – Union’s mecha force; but on the eve of reaching the first step to her goal, her only chance to succeed is stripped from her. Haunted by the many ghosts of her memories, Sarah must now endure an endless series of sacrifices as she struggles to discover the truth about her brother...

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HarioSagara's avatar
HarioSagara Nov 12, 2012
Score 6.4/10

 A mecha space adventure that's better than the average mecha out there, though nowhere near as good as some of the better mecha anime. Featuring decent characters, decent storyline and decent action, this show is definetely decent, but not much better than that. Story: 6 Sarah Werec has joined the Strain (Strategic Armored Infantry) academy in order to chase after her brother a famous Strain pilot... read more

roriconfan's avatar
roriconfan Dec 6, 2012
Score 4/10

Strain is a lot better than it seems at first. It is riddled with stereotypical shoujo and science fiction tropes, mediocre production values, and typical-looking characters that make it look average from a distance. For example, the heroine is the stereotypical shoujo archetype and has the really bad habit of talking instead of firing, thus lots of bad things happen because she stands frozen and can’t... read more



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