Soukou no Strain

Alt titles: Strain: Strategic Armored Infantry

TV (13 eps)
3.433 out of 5 from 1,520 votes
Rank #2,053

In the future, mankind is divided between two powers: Union, and Deague. For the young Sarah Werec, watching her dearest brother Ralph depart for the front lines of the war was a fate worse than death; for even if he were to survive, the 130 light year distance between them dictates that even if he were to return, she would be long since deceased. Thus, in an effort to see her brother again, Sarah sets out to become a pilot of the Strain – Union’s mecha force; but on the eve of reaching the first step to her goal, her only chance to succeed is stripped from her. Haunted by the many ghosts of her memories, Sarah must now endure an endless series of sacrifices as she struggles to discover the truth about her brother...

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RyanGirl23's avatar by RyanGirl23 on Mar 6, 2012
Score: 3/10

Well I just finished Strain: Strategic Armored Infantry and heres my review on the whole thing ~ Story: The story I felt was terribly weak, it felt like I've seen this sort of storyline before and I wasnt that impressed with it at all.  Not to mention that the story was flippin slow and for only being 12 episodes I feel an anime with that small amount of storytime left should get kicked off right away... read more

Cenimoran's avatar by Cenimoran on Mar 16, 2011
Score: 5.5/10

Overview- Firstly, 5.5 is not a horrible score on my scale. Five is average, so 5.5 is just above average. Don't be discouraged and think this isn't worth watching. It is--the show simply isn't marvellous in terms of plot elements and character development. That said, I do think I enjoyed Soukou no Strain. I don't watch mecha anime terribly often, but it's not as though I hate the genre. I had seen this... read more



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