Sora wo Miageru Shoujo no Hitomi ni Utsuru Sekai

Alt title: Munto TV

TV (9 eps)
3.382 of 5 from 1,922 votes
Rank #2,551

Long ago the Gods of the heavens fought with humans over the Akuto – a power that can create anything. Now, separated by time and space from the realm of humans, a war is raging between the heavens over the little remaining Akuto. As the floating Magical Kingdom is on the brink of destruction, both worlds are in danger and there is now only one hope for salvation. King Munto of the Magical Kingdom descends to earth in order to find Yumemi, a thirteen year old girl who has always been able to see the islands in the sky. He explains that when his kingdom falls, the human territory will become a land of death and Yumemi’s hidden powers are the only way to prevent it. But can Yumemi’s ability really solve everything when the fear of such power causes the fighting to escalate?

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CaptainSlow's avatar
CaptainSlow Jan 7, 2016
Score 5/10

What I Liked: The backgrounds, for the most part, were quite beautiful. The soundtrack was quite emotive, and I liked the slow tempo of the ending theme. Character designs were interesting, especially in regards to the characters from Heaven. Battle scenes are the strongest point of the series, with some great CG and SFX used. Pacing is quick, with lots of things seemingly happening. What I Didn't: Character... read more

tennis101101's avatar
tennis101101 Oct 27, 2013
Score 9/10

This is sucha a good anime because of the story line of it. The story line is really good. I like that it has a set plot to it and is sticking to it as much as possible. I also like the animation of the anime because it is fairly good considering that it was made in 2009. They did a good job with the details of the characters and the scenery. The sound of the anime is really good. I like that the music doesnot... read more

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