Sora no Otoshimono

Alt title: Heaven's Lost Property

TV (13 eps)
3.95 of 5 from 15,754 votes
Rank #982

Ever since Tomoki was a boy, he’s dreamed that the girl he loves vanishes into the sky. However, while he’s convinced it’s just a dream, his classmate Sugata is convinced that it’s related to an alleged ‘new continent’ that’s floating around the planet. According to Sugata’s calculations it’s set to pass above their town at midnight, and sends Tomoki to check it out. Little did Tomoki know that at that moment, a scantily-clad angel would fall from the sky! Calling herself a pet-class Angeloid named Ikaros, she promises to fulfill Tomoki’s every wish. Now, Tomoki is able to manipulate panties and do equally as perverted things with ease; but what is Ikaros really here for, and are her motives as pure as they seem?

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KiraRin's avatar by KiraRin on Feb 14, 2010
Score 5.5/10

Of all my reviews, the one to cause the most controversy is my abhorrent hatred for DearS. So as Sora no Otoshimono fired up and one of the first things to grace the screen was a top-heavy, vapid bint with a collar who insisted on calling the hapless protagonist “master”, I steadied myself for an entire series... read more

DrFerzaie's avatar by DrFerzaie on Feb 21, 2016
Score 8.3/10

It's allright i found this sucker on netflix thats a pluse. Its perty stupide how friking out of poprtin the female cdarecters are. Basicaly its good entertainment but they just ignore any hopes of a female audiance. Dumbassess. The creators came so close to one of the gretest stories ever but blew it focusing on pervertion. Tobad. second season is better just wacht hthis one through to fing the secong... read more

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