Sora no Otoshimono

Alt titles: Heaven's Lost Property



KiraRin's avatar By KiraRin on Feb 14, 2010


Of all my reviews, the one to cause the most controversy is my abhorrent hatred for DearS. So as Sora no Otoshimono fired up and one of the first things to grace the screen was a top-heavy, vapid bint with a collar who insisted on calling the hapless protagonist “master”, I steadied myself for an entire series of panty-flashing bilge. And oh boy, did its pathetic little perverted dance live up to my expectations.... well, for the first 4 episodes it did.

Playing on every single clichéd anime device, expect to see the skin flashing swimsuit episode, the girls donning yutaka for the festival and even the shock classroom harem scenes! It required a few episodes for me to understand Sora no Otoshimono is most definitely not a series to be taken seriously. There are countless shows parodied (including DearS and Saikano), and surprisingly it is done very well at times. Yes, at times. Lacking the ecchi finesse of Shuffle!, the show struggles on a little confused about direction. Should we care more about the childhood friend or the fact Icarus, an “Angeloid” who seems so sweet and naive is actually a destructive weapon? For a thirteen episode romp, there is too much crammed into a short space.

Speaking from experience, I have always found I either love or hate an ecchi anime. But Sora no Otoshimono baffled me with moments of pure brilliance hidden amongst the trash. The first few episodes are dire, and it is only my resolution to not drop a series that let me persevere through to the end. Unfortunately, many people will have dropped this show early on and sadly will miss some genuinely hilarious parody filled scenes. Although the story is not great, and the comedy a little hit or miss at times, ecchi fans with a sense of humour may enjoy the amusing digs at other shows in the genre.


Utterly stereotyped women with overly inflated funbags are the main focus of Sora no Otoshimono, and to be honest, it’s starting to get a bit overdone. Even the token loli-like character with the pettanko chest is on the “how to make an ecchi anime” check list, and this show makes sure to capture every single last one of these clichéd devices. That said, the unbelievable artwork is really quite sexy, and the use of CG adds to an extremely over the top pantsu flying scene. Yes, a host of ladies delicates soaring through the sky in formation is probably one of the unbelievable highlights that had me rolling about with laughter. The chibification of Tomoki, for me anyway, is another plus point; seeing the degradation of the pervert into a stumpy caricature is laugh out loud funny, especially the set of wings covering his (petite) modesty.


With some extremely well performed voice acting, the staple characters of the show have voices that fit their personalities extremely well. From the shy and girlish tones of Icarus, to the immature whine of Tomoki, the professional seiyuu seem to have been practicing in other series within the genre. If only the soundtrack had fared as well. Instead, a nasal J-pop track straight out of an eroge put my teeth on edge before the show even started. The closing audio is middle-of-the-road, however the accompanying video unique to each episode is frequently panty-wettingly funny.


Counting the number of likable characters on one hand, the other hand contains those that I wouldn’t bat an eyelid if they fell under a bus. Tomoki is hilarious. His non-PC antics are one of the things that kept the show moving along whilst managing to hold the train-wreck together. Conversely, Sohara is a complete flake who can’t decide if she wants to bed the protagonist or beat the crap out of him. Unfortunately, the dynamic between the two is a necessary evil, as much of the humour comes from the violent beatings but loses its edge as a sappy romance is introduced.

Also worthy of a mention is the slyly sadistic Mikako, whose mischief is not used as often as maybe it should be. Her dry and wicked sense of humour resonates with me, and I often find myself grinning at her wind up tactics. The two angeloids, Icarus and Nymph, sadly aren’t as interesting. I really don’t like the feeble and clueless female types, and so their whiny natures had me wishing for the next scene just in case they weren’t involved.

5.5/10 story
8/10 animation
6/10 sound
5/10 characters
5.5/10 overall
IssacandAsimov's avatar By IssacandAsimov on Dec 21, 2012

Secret Santa Review

A bevy of young, buxom schoolgirls wearing minimal amounts of clothing? A generic male self-insert who has the romantic attention of multiple female paramours? Yessir, it’s a harem series alright.

Ecchi series like these are likely to appeal to the fan who wants to see bountiful bouncing anime mammaries, but for those seeking more complex fare, they tend to be poor choices. Heaven’s Lost Property does not buck that trend. A paucity of plot is occasionally meted out between various voyeuristic shots of the heroines. It’s no mystery what the real focus is here. The plot basically just serves as a premise to hold together what is, in reality, an episodic series of fan service vignettes tinged with lowbrow humor. It’s unapologetically sophomoric and simplistic. The story experiences such laconic development that it is barely even relevant until the season is ready to finish with a scene that is satisfying at a certain level, but concludes only a moment, not a narrative.

The show’s characters are typical harem stock. You have a childhood friend, a mischievous rich girl, a flat-chested mildly tsundere character (sure to appease any who would consider Rie Kugimiya their favorite seiyuu) and a servile, heavily dependent girl. Such is the point of the harem series, after all: Offer a menu of common fantasy girls for the viewer to choose between. Wish fulfillment at its most basic. It’s only to be expected that the male main character is so plain and generic, having little personality beyond being a hapless pervert and a nice guy who isn’t popular with the ladies, only suddenly now he totally is because that’s what the viewer wants to be their own reality. The male main character is simultaneously just enough like them that they can relate, but also so basic that they can imagine themselves as him. All of that comes out to be kind of boring if the viewer is not interested in indulging in that sort of fantasy, however.

The animation is just rather so-so. There’s no glaring faults with it, but never does it stand out. Most scenes only utilize rather basic animation which is not all that interesting to watch. It simply gets the job done. Background art is typically minimally detailed. The show never seems to be making an effort to be artistically interesting. Moving on to sound, seiyuu deliver performances that mostly capture the characters, with Mikako’s voice lacking just a bit of that traditional mischievous anime character mirth and Nymph’s lacking a bit of the haughtiness so endemic to tsundere characters. The background music is fairly generic fodder, never really pleasant nor annoying, and largely forgettable.

Heaven’s Lost Property is a boilerplate harem series offering nothing special. Thoroughly average for its own genre and in many respects for anime as a whole, it earns a 5. Fans of the genre will likely appreciate it, but should not consider it a top priority. Those who do not watch anime for titillation will find small chuckles if they enjoy simple, lowbrow humor and some small trappings of a plot, but nothing that is genuinely worth their time compared to other series. And those who simply want pretty girls to fawn over might be pleased to know that all the characters appear in various states of undress, but those fans have probably skipped straight to doujins.

(Overall score is not meant to represent an arithmetic mean.)

2/10 story
4/10 animation
5/10 sound
4/10 characters
5/10 overall
DarkAngelofFire's avatar By DarkAngelofFire on Sep 22, 2012

Perversion is abound in this one... and it's hilarious! 

I'll be honest; as a fan of harem, ecchi, comedy types, I tend to be kinder in reviews as opposed to others who judge them more harshly than they deserve. Sora no Otoshimono, or Heavens Lost Property in English, is one of those strange other worldly girl meets earth boy types that does it well. 

I like the story because it's different. So here it is: Tomoki is a normal boy who just wants to live a life of peace and quiet. But his life is changed when a buxom girl calling herself an "Angeloid" makes him her master. This Angeloid, named Ikaros, makes Tomoki her master and she'll grant any wish he has. 

It's executed quite well with funny jokes, if you're into many a sex joke, and unique characters. Some might say it's another generic harem anime. I disagree. Unlike some harem animes, this one doesn't have nudity and it helps with the comedy. Though censorship is abound. 

The animation is great. Breasts bouce at the right times (Believe me, I'm not trying to sound perverted) and it's just good to look at... not just for the boobs.

One thing that I like is that the characters, especially Tomoki, go into a chibi form of themselves. Tomoki generally spends the gist of every episode in this form, and this may be just for the viewers. It's generally when he's being perverted or silly, and other characters look chibi also. It helps with comedic effect and I find it hilarious. 

The characters are, for the most part, unique. The fact that the main character is intentionally perverted is hilarious. You also have his friend, Sahara, who karate chops Tomoki in the head when ever she catches him being lewd. Sugata is a ridiculously smart boy who lives in a tyent by a river in the middle of the woods. He's always expressionless, but adds humor by helping Tomoki in some situations. Then there's Mikako. Her father is a member of the Yakuza and she reflects that personality... which is to say that she's care free, but for when she decides to be serious.

Over all, this is an anime that's well worth watching. It's funny, has great characters, and has a good story. The hijinks that happen made me laugh at the absurdity. These range from flying panties to Tomoki being changed into a girl. If ecchi comedy is to your liking, then check this one out.  

9/10 story
9/10 animation
8/10 sound
9.5/10 characters
9.5/10 overall
AUTOAUTO's avatar By AUTOAUTO on Jul 18, 2011

Sora no Otoshimono. An anomaly among anime.

Let me start off by saying this show is completely asinine. The characters are worn out archetypes given a new beating, the situations are absolutely childish, the score is forgettable, the characters are shallow, and the plot is there for a couple episodes while the anime tries to pull you in with glamorized T 'n' A. That is why the story, characters, and overall deserve a bad rating.

That being said, I absolutely love this anime. To me, this is how harem anime should be: Completely shameless.

Let's compare this to another harem that is rather recent, To Love-Ru. They share the same strengths in appearance, and lack the same strengths in substance (though I admit, To Love-Ru has INFINITESIMALLY more substance). They are rather polar in situational execution, however. In To Love-Ru Rito slips every five seconds, octopi get enlargened and aroused due to experimentation, a slime monster that only dissolves clothes appears, someone gets hypotized, the works. Harem anime like To Love-Ru have integrity towards their characters, because they don't want things to seem shameless on purpose. Harem usually hide behind a protagonist like Yuuki Rito, who is timid and shy around girls, so that you have a kind of hope that the "misunderstandings" can be cleared up somehow. Of course, To Love-Ru loses all of its shame in the OVA (two words: Beach Episode. Five minutes of pure uninterrupted fanservice)

However, Sora no Otoshimono doesn't do that. It knows it's perverted, and the main character Sakurai Tomoki is clear proof. The things that Tomoki does for a peek is absolutely ridiculous, and the schemes are so ridiculous it's hilarious. This show is honest to God hilarious. This show insults your intelligence with all the stupid things that happens, and it knows that you'll be back for more. It executes the art of Fanservice so beautifully I'm astounded. You wonder why the characters keep hanging around this Tomoki person, who is overly perverted and has an INCREDIBLY annoying laugh (the Japanese VA anyway). But it was the same reason why anybody would put up with it. People crave it. It's outrageously comedic, it's disgustingly sexy, it's one of the best bad anime out there.

On the technical side, the animation in this is almost top-notch. When the animation is okay it's awesome. For the most part the motion is fluid (AND WHERE IT NEEDS TO BE AM I RIGHT FELLAS?) and the settings are gorgeous. The soundtrack is forgettable, but when you pay attention is well composed and sets the mood correctly. The story is weak and the characters are shallow, with about as much development as an after school special.

I love this anime. I don't even like harem, I actually think harem is a blight on what modern anime should be. But Sora no Otoshimono is such a disgusting blight it's beautiful. I can't give this a good rating, however I can recommend you watch it. It's worth it.

4/10 story
8/10 animation
7/10 sound
4/10 characters
5/10 overall
Scoop11's avatar By Scoop11 on Sep 6, 2011

Sora No Otoshimono (being released by FUNImatin as "Heaven's Lost Property") is an ecchi series that has one purpose and one purpose only -- to entertain the audience with bouncing boobies and panty shots.  Just like every other ecchi series.  But, oh, does it have its moments of brilliance.

Tomoki dreams of a life of peace and quiet. However, he had a hard time getting that with a neighbor who karate chops him when he expresses his perverted thoughts, a student body president with a sadistic streak, and a club president who is possibly a bigger pervert than he is.  One day, while waiting for the others to show up under a tree he gets a call to get out of the area, and finds himself face to face with a big breasted (of course) Angeloid named Ikarus who has fallen out of the sky.  Now Tomoki's peace and quiet has been broken since he is now imprinted onto the angeloid as her master and his attempts to keep her under wraps.

STORY -- The series itself has some amusing moments -- you wouldn't think an episode about flying panties would be that funny.  Going into it you have to realize that the show doesn't take itself that seriously at all.  Although there are some decent action scenes (and some sad scenes with the Angeloids and their backstory), the comedy should be what makes this show.  It's kind of hit and miss, but it's never really boring to watch.

ANIMATION -- The battle scenes are very well animated.  But you often forget what Tomoki looks like in his normal form since they seem to like to keep him as a "chibi" through most of the show.

SOUND -- Have some decent voice acting, and the changing ending themes is a welcome change from most shows.  The opening song is pretty good, but the "boing" sound when boobs bounce can get annoying, if only because of how many opther animes you've seen it in (unless that's the point?)

CHARACTERS -- You've got some likable characters in the mix, like Tomoki and Ikarus.  Others are hard to like, like New World Discovery club president Sukara -- he's supposed to be a bigger pervert, but he seems to hide it rather well in the episodes I've seen.

OVERALL -- Worth checking out if you're into ecchi type series. Just don't take it too seriously.

6/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
6/10 characters
7/10 overall