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Sora no Manimani

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3.425 out of 5 from 2,018 votes
Rank #1,822

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1r3n3i7z8i Watching     1 star rating
1tqwe Watching 6   not rated
45ghost Watching 2   not rated
5aintdolphin Watching     not rated
Ace024 Watching 11   3.5 star rating
Adorjan Watching     not rated
agmassassin Watching 3   4.5 star rating
AiCon Watching     not rated
Aison Watching     not rated
Akkin Watching     not rated
Akmatt Watching 6   not rated
akura1190 Watching 9   not rated
Alessio Watching 5   not rated
alexander Watching 3   3 star rating
Alfazero Watching 2   5 star rating
Allen1909 Watching 9   not rated
almatic Watching 4   not rated
Alohinani123 Watching 7   not rated
amidau Watching 10   not rated
Amiolia Watching 5   3.5 star rating
Amras Watching 4   not rated
AngelStark Watching     not rated
anime4320 Watching 2   3.5 star rating
AnimeArman Watching     not rated
animefreak10132 Watching 1   not rated
animefreak198029 Watching 2   not rated
Animegeek Watching     not rated
Annleigh Watching     5 star rating
apollyn Watching 3   not rated
Arazure Watching 4   not rated
Arujei Watching 11   not rated
aseeon Watching 5   4.5 star rating
At4ri Watching 6   not rated
azn1189 Watching 9   3 star rating
babylove021 Watching 5   not rated
ballin4dapandas Watching     not rated
barriosgb2 Watching 10   5 star rating
Barwookie Watching 8   not rated
bdam Watching 6   not rated
BlackCherry Watching 5   not rated
BlackSheep Watching 6   not rated
BloodReign Watching 10   not rated
Bob790 Watching 11   not rated
Bttc Watching     3.5 star rating
cab166 Watching     not rated
cardinalsage Watching     4 star rating
cc01 Watching 5   not rated
Cfos Watching 11   not rated
charmykitty Watching     not rated
Chemosh Watching 1   not rated