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Morimiya Yorito is a normal student who has an abnormal obsession for the sky. One day, he meets a strange girl named Shihou Matsuri who shares his interest, but as fate may have it, she isn't a human; Matsuri is a Yaka -- a "woe of the night" -- who is immortal and cannot stand the sunlight. A strange man is chasing Matsuri, to use her powers, so Yorito decides to help her hide. What are the strange man's plans, and what secrets does Yorito's sister hide?

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sola Specials DVD Special 2007 TBD Special episodes released on the DVDs.

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sola 2007 TBD
Name Role
Makoto KOGA Character Design
Tomoki KOBAYASHI Director
Hitoshi FUJIMA Music

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The 'girl in the sky' is a legend passed down through the ranks of one special family. Armed with the magical puppet skills he learned from his mother, Yukito Kunisaki follows in her footsteps, traveling from place to place, ever searching for that girl in the sky, ever chasing after that legend. His journeys have led him to a small costal town where he meets a girl that has a peculiar interest in him - could she be the one? As events slowly start to unfold in front of his very eyes, Yukito finds himself amidst a story that spans a thousand summers...

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If the backstory between Yorito, Matsuri, and Aono interested you in Sola, you'd probably do well in checking out Air. Though the two share little else in common, this plot element is much more prominent in Air and is explored in much greater detail. Keep in mind, though, that Air's storyline is much more fragmented and scattered, and lacks the solid linear progression of its counterpart. If this doesn't bother you, however, it's definitely worth a shot.


Both Air and Sola feature kind-hearted guys with caring hearts that they extend to a girl in need. The female characters are loveable and there is much more going on than meets the eye.


Air and sola both serve as a refreshingly different take on the genre - rather than focusing on romance, much more attention is given to the overall plot. In each of these anime the main character encounters a girl who seems to be cursed in some way, and make an effort to find a way to save her. Both shows have backstories that go hundreds of years in the past, and have plots that opt for a very unconventional direction towards the end. They have their differences - Air is a good bit more dramatic and operates in a story arc fashion, whereas sola actually has action scenes - but in general having the same basic plot structure gives these two a fairly similar feel. If you found one of these to your liking, you may very well enjoy the other as well.


Thematically, the similarities stop at "ethereal love story," ethereal in that there's something strange going on in the anime. They aren't eerie, not exactly, but the romance isn't exactly clear cut either. The anime keep you hooked, trying to find out just what about the characters makes them different from normal people. Air focuses more on the romance, and only rarely on any semblance of action.


Both Sola and Air are beautiful anime definitelly worth watching by fans of romance/drama with a bit of fantasy . They are both cute and mysterious. Also the animation is very similiar. There's definitelly a high chance that if you liked one, you will surely like the other.


So the boy gets to know a girl and seems to like her without knowing that there is more to her than meets the eyes. That is, of course, some supernatural, centuries old, sad story, making their relationship troubled and not so lovely-dovely. This is not all, you can also enjoy great views of the sky if you like them in both series, so try it out!


Two very deep and moving stories on an ethereal level that have so much in common, and are yet so different.

If you enjoyed the characterisation and relationships in Air, this is also visible in Sola. Sola, however, takes the magical aspect of Air much further and is deeper rooted in Fantasy.

There are enough similarities and heart warming moments in both shows for people to associate the two, but do not expect them to both go in the same direction.


An anime about people with limited time and feeling solitary as that time passes by.  Sola is much like Air in a certain sense... you sense the futile effots of people extending the time that they don't have.  You sense their frustration and hopelessness and the weight of their curse.


Both Air and Sola are stories of a chance meeting of a boy and girl revealing a strange and mysterious past. Kind and helpful boys, girls with strange secrets, and supriseing twists show up right and left in both! Each series has it's own unique plotline that catches and keeps the views interest.

All in all, both Air TV and Sola are great watches, if you liked one, you will most definately like the other! I would highly reccomend watching both series!


Both revole around a dream with the sky and have wonderful art work too. There is more than it seems with both anime as each has it own hidden secrets.


As the titles suggest, the sky plays an important, though not overly dominant role in both series. Air and sola are both touching, romantic stories about a kind-hearted guy meeting and falling in love with a girl who's involved with the supernatural in one way or another (sola a bit more than Air). Both stories have loyalty, sacrifice and mystery as themes to support the romantic plot. If you enjoyed one of these and are looking for something similar, give this one a shot.


My main reason for recommending both of these series is that they have a very similar feel to them. Both have a mysterious and almost supernatural elemnt to them and both have a similar air of melancholy about them. If you Liked one, then you may enjoy the other.


Have you been intrigued by the beauty and the mystery of the sky? That cute sudden girlfriend appearing? The tragedies of those strange curses from the past? Those strangely evolving relations? Did like that the anime had a length of little more than 10?

Well, that's what these two anime share. So if you liked one, try the other.


Both of these animes hold onto deep secrets that take a while to crack. They deal mostly with the characters and how important it is that these characters are surronded by the people that surrond them.


Sola and Air both have a girl that is cursed in some way.  The heroes of each story are kind hearted and have the same outlook with regards to the girls fate.  Both shows have the same type of drama and overall feeling for the viewers.

ef - a tale of memories

ef - a tale of memories

In a high school setting, there are many people whose stories must be told: Hiro, an aspiring manga artist whose view of the world is "missing a certain color," according to himself; his childhood friend Kei, who is vying for his attention; Kyosuke, a photographer and cameraman who seeks to capture true emotion in his work; the ever-cheerful Miyako, who meets Hiro by chance and immediately becomes attached to him; the gentle Renji, unsure of his aspirations to become a novelist; and Kei's mysterious and quiet sister Chihiro, who seems to be a different person every day. As time passes and they interact with one another more, their paths increasingly intertwine as shades of regrettable pasts emerge.


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With the same character designer for both, Sola and Ef are darker psychological romances with characters displaying more omnious dispositions. Character traits are very similar between each anime too.


A small cast of characters largely build to execute a few interesting ideas in which they succeed (mostly). Both well executed romantic drama's.


What those two have in common is the idea of character's way of dealing with long awaiting problems - those from childhood as well as those 1000 years old. Not realising them until almost everything is over is another thong this two share. Let mi just add that they also are romance stories set in quite, sea-side villages and the picture is completed.


Sola had a special feel to it.  It wasn't that great but it was rather profound.  If i had to compare it to another anime it would be ef tale pf memories... because both delat with difficult situations without over-dramatizing.  Both dealt with impermanence and memory loss.


In both there is 'sister' who's protecting her brother from girl who he likes. Drama and romance - you can find em in sola and memories. Some magic and mystery exist in two of them.

If you like the one of them, I'm sure that you'll like the other.


Both sola and ef memories are romantic dramas with a similar feel to them. They are shows about the unlikely relationship between two, where mysterious illness or "handicap" is a big part of the struggle between the two main characters. Another point of interest, although in different ways, skies are one of the highlights in both shows (plotwise in sola, visual pleasure in ef memories). If you liked one of these shows, it's worth checking out the other too!


Both sola and ef - a tale of memories start out with similar simplistic plot outlines. At first both shows seem a bit shallow and hint at the possibility of running the gauntlet of usual melodramatic cliches that plague lesser anime. It's deceptive at first but both of these stories use quite a bit of innovation in their plot and execution. There were moments of genuine suspense in both shows that actually surprised me. Both series clock in at about 13 episodes and both share a similar art style with lot's of attention to the set environments.

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Kanon (2006)

Kanon (2006)

It's been seven years since Yuuichi Aizawa returned to the city he once lived in as a child. Though many things happened to Yuuichi in his past, he can only remember bits and pieces. His parents left Yuuichi in the care of Akiko once again, and this time, he will attend the same school as his cousin Nayuki. Many different girls appear before him, and some of them seem to know him from his past. Yuuichi must now recover his memories of the dark secrets that he erased from his heart, before he loses his precious ones.


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Both Kanon and Sola are series that have a very quiet and subdued feel to them at the beginning while giving the impression that more is going on than meets the eye. Both series also feature some very shocking twists, a nice romance story and a supernatural plot. Sola has a bit more action in it than Kanon and Kanon has the deeper love story.

On a slightly humourous note both series also have the feel of a really cheesy soap at times with the vast number of characters who suffer from amnesia at some point in both series :)


Both Kanon 2006 and Sola are filled with twists and turns in the plot until the very end of the series. The characters are also extremely well developed making the viewer sympathize with each and see their point of views. Very nice romantic atmospheres in each and supernatural scenes; it is also of interest to note that characters in each series suffer from a loss of memory.


At the beginnig the story seems to be typicall romance set in high school, but something is just not right. And then - blah! Yes, that's right, there is this fantasy plot along with normal storyline. So if this is what you have searched for, as well as kind of unexpected yet not unpredictable ending, try it!


Kanon and Sola are both filled with mysteries and romance. They both are sad and very addicting, you will like Kanon if you like Sola (:



Takumi is a reclusive otaku who wants nothing more than to be left alone to play online games and watch anime. He only attends the minimum necessary to pass his classes, and rarely leaves his cramped room except to purchase the newest figurines. One evening, while Takumi is chatting online with his friend "Grim," a stranger called "Shogun" joins the channel and, after "Grim" leaves, posts a series of disturbing photographs depicting a man impaled to a wall with metal stakes. The following day, Takumi is horrified when he wanders into an alley and once again sees Shogun’s images – but this time, the gruesome scene is reality. From then on, Takumi sees the world through a new set of eyes; imaginary delusions meld with reality, and he isn't sure who he can trust. With suspicions and confusion at every turn, Takumi must struggle to determine what's going on - but most importantly, whose eyes are those eyes?

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Sola is more on the romantic side while Chaos Head is more psycholigical. They both have the same feel because of their main character. Chaos Head starts of differently compared sola but as you reach the end you'll see the similarity between them. Really enjoyable series and highly recommended.


Although the series themselves aren't especially alike in terms of story, their is still a large amount of action in both.

The main connection is between two of the main characters having a near identical past. Saying too much would spoil both of them but when you got to the twist of either and enjoyed it you'll like the other series too.

They both also have one male character in each and a swarm of girls he barely notices. If you like that kind of thing. :P


Chaos;Head and Sola both have characters with similar style pasts.  The action type is the same in each too.

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Lunar Legend Tsukihime

Lunar Legend Tsukihime

With a past shrouded in mystery and a blank memory, Shiki Tohno seems to be just another "average high school student". That is, until he nearly kills a female vampire with his secret deadly ability to "see the lines". His journey to unlock the secrets of the Tohno family and unbury his own lost memories has only just begun, and now he must also help the woman, Arcueid Brunestud, find a lethal phantom named Roa, and kill it using his ability.

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Both of these shows contain supernatural plot and the idea of normal boy meeting fantasy female creature in trouble, trying to help her and protect her and in the end finally for her, without expecting happy end to come. Similar atmosphere and a little of fighting involved are factors that should make you try this one as well.


As just finishing watcihng the entire series of Sola twice >_< I think that Lunar Legend Tsukihime and Sola would be very good Recommendations for each other.

As in Sola, Yorito is a sky driven maniac taking pictures of the sky is to Shaki, in lunar Legend, killing random girls on the street who happen to be a vampire Queens.

In Sola, there are creatures called Yaka, or also known as Calamity (of the night) or Imortal Monster; which is pretty much a creature who burns in the sunlight just like vampires, which is a genra for LunarLegends. Another Ironic twist, both animes are Romances.

Sola contains much more drama then Lunar Legend just as a side note. If you liked either of these series, then the other one is a good choise probably...


Sola and Lunar Legend Tsukihime both have male protagonists in the series trying to help out the main female character, who has a unnatural ability.  The heroes try and protect that female character from the things that are after them, creating chaos and drama.  Both series have a sense of romance between the main characters