Softenni Specials

DVD Special (6 eps x 3 min)
2.432 out of 5 from 300 votes
Rank #4,352

Following recent events, the girls of the Soft Tennis Club are kicking back and relaxing in the school's secret underground hot spring. Amongst the steam and soaking, the girls soon start to reminisce about their pasts - from Asuna's relationship with her family cow Hanako, to what it was like for Kotone growing up in a Dojo, to debating how big Chitose's breasts were the previous year...


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Thrawn's avatar by Thrawn on Sep 2, 2013
Score: 3/10

Special generally means fanservice, and it does mean fanservice if the regular series is some titty show or chockful of fanservice and bitches. This mainly falls into the category of the latter, for the lack of tits. It has tits but not enough. The special deals with hot springs because nothing says special than getting naked or slapping on some bikinis for some sexy time in water. They already dedicated an... read more

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