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Smash Hit

Alt titles: Hit wo Nerae

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1.859 out of 5 from 457 votes
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"It’s not a dream you can see right away. It’s one you create.” Mitsuki Ikita, a 25 year-old woman with a little girl’s body, longs to produce a great detective drama to fulfill her dream and a promise made with her older brother. But when she gets her first big break in Japan’s competitive television industry, it’s a children’s “hero” series! The cinematographer is a master of the money shot, the costume designer has cosplay tendencies and the original screen writer is a 17 year-old high school student; Mitsuki must do her best to avoid the most horrible word in the business: CANCELLED!

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Anime Name Type Year Relation More Info
Smash Hit Specials DVD Special   TBD Episodes 1.5, 3.5, 4.5 and 8.5 released on the DVDs.
Cosprayers TV 2004 TBD
Love Love? TV 2004 Sequel
Love Love? Specials DVD Special 2004 TBD
Cosprayers The Movie Movie 2004 TBD
Cosprayers Specials DVD Special 2004 TBD
Name Role
Miwa OSHIMA Character Design
Takeo TAKAHASHI Director
Toshihiko SAHASHI Music

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Anime I need to Finish Eklipps 37 Sep 2, 2013
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Year 2004 Anime Series chii 94 Jun 5, 2012
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Cosprayers, Smash Hit, Love Love chii 1 Jul 12, 09
vaikepois wants to watch Smash Hit
jjoosshhuuaa watched Smash Hit at 8 of 8 episodes
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Kyou no Go no Ni

Kyou no Go no Ni

Fifth grade is a time for learning and growing and... getting into a whole mess of trouble! Class 5-2 is a "typical" fifth-grade class whose members always seem to be up to something. The leaders of their group are Ryota and Chika - Ryota's childhood friend who has a crush on him that she can’t seem to confess. While Chika continues on, remaining a close and valued friend, Ryota continues to be a typical boy who is oblivious to her feelings. Furthermore, he can’t seem to stay out of trouble with the ladies! Different situations keep their lives busy during school – everything from loose teeth to getting locked in the PE storage room. School is much more enjoyable when you are young and full of dreams!

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If you enjoy ecchi situations, a lot of not-always-tastefull humour and a bit indecisive main characters, then I proudly present you Today in class 5-2 and Smash hit. Although they're completely diffrent in terms of plot, let's be honest, since when do we watch shows like that while searching for a good plot? I'm sure you will find what you wanted