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Slow Step

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2.66 out of 5 from 105 votes
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Minatsu is a high school student who witnessed a hit and run, and subsequently was threatened violently by the perpetrators. In order to evade any danger coming her way, she decided to disguise herself as "Maria," a long-haired, bespectacled young woman. Her current boyfriend, Shuu, seems to be trying his best to grab Minatsu's attention, with not much success. Then there's her neighbor, Kadomatsu, who gains much of Minatsu's attention, but it's not Minatsu he longs for, it's her alter-identity Maria! Minatsu, Kadomatsu, and Shuu form a haphazardly-shaped love triangle filled with joys and heartaches.

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Name Role
Tokuhiro MATSUBARA Character Design
Kunihiko YUYAMA Director
Hiroya WATANABE Music
Mitsuru ADACHI Original Manga Creator

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want to watch anime that are short genderbendergirl 625 Feb 3, 2013
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Anime I Hate chii 192 Jul 6, 2009
Tiranna wants to watch Slow Step
Tiranna wants to watch Slow Step
RedSkullXIII rated the Slow Step anime 3/5 stars
RedSkullXIII watched Slow Step at 5 of 5 episodes
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Twins Kazuya and Tatsuya, and their neighbor Minami have played together since they were children and built an unbreakable bond. But with puberty, the twins realized something: Minami is a girl, and three is a crowd. As the trio tries to preserve their relationship, Kazuya's pledge to make Minami's dream come true by taking her to Koshien with his baseball pitching skills makes the slackerish Tatsuya wonder about himself, and his own goals. But Minami has another dream she wants fulfilled, and as the twins continue to push themselves, with Minami in the middle, a life-changing tragedy leads one twin down a path he once never would've considered...

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Both shows have a love triangle  and happen to focused on sports too. Baseball being the main one and a little bit of boxing shows up in both too. They have a similar feel but Touch is a million times better than Slow Step. You might like one if you enjoyed the other or if you've only seen Slow Step and hated it please watch Touch to give you an idea of what this type of show can do properly.