Slayers Premium

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Lina and Gourry have traveled to a seaside town where the local specialty is octopus – but there’s a catch! Consuming the octopus has an unfortunate side effect: after eating the delicacy, you lose all language skills and are only able to speak the octopus tongue! Gourry soon comes down with the affliction, and none other than Lina herself is forced to save the day. Joining their ranks are Xellos, Zelgaldis and Amelia – who happen to wander into town at the same time – and a concerned local townsperson. Together, the gang will try to put a stop to the local malevolent octopus clan and restore the power of speech to the masses!

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sothis's avatar by sothis on May 29, 2008
Score 7.4/10

Lina and Gourry and puns, oh my! After numerous movies and television series, Slayers Premium (aka Slayers Movie 5) was slated to be the last journey of the loveable and bumbling cast - that is, until an announcement in 2008 confirmed that a new television series was on the way. Regardless, with a hilarious story and varied cast of old favorites, Slayers Premium is easily one of the most... read more

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