Slayers Next

Alt titles: The Slayers Next

TV (26 eps)
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The adventures of the fiery-haired, all-powerful and flat-chested Lina Inverse continue, as she and her crew of misfits find new friends, a mysterious and secretive priest and a vengeful and love-crazy princess! As they battle monsters that wish Lina dead, she and the gang search for a bible that may tell them how to defeat them, yet it eludes them at every turn. The secrets of the Claire Bible contain all the knowledge of the Water Dragon Lord, but who are these sinister forces that hunt Lina and what do they want?

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Sweboz's avatar by Sweboz on Jun 11, 2010
Score: 10/10

Slayers is a series of western fantasy themed sword and sorcery mini novels by Hajime Kanzaka, and among other things, a series of anime based off the aforementioned novels. The series of Slayers follows a particularly gifted young sorceress named Lina Inverse as she and her various party members go about Slaying things. Slayers Next is season 2 of the anime series, following the story right after the anime... read more

KidMercury's avatar by KidMercury on Jan 26, 2010
Score: 8.5/10

This anime follows up on the original Slayers series.Lina Inverse, a travelling sorceress, along with her friends Gourry (mercenary), Zelgadis (sorcerer and sword weilder), and Amelia (sorceress in training/ princess) go amongst cities and towns just minding their business. As they try to search for things that they deem of value and use, they're always on the look out for the greates food around. They always... read more

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