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Slayers Great

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3.865 out of 5 from 2,137 votes
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Lina and Naga find themselves in the city of Stoner where they save the life of Laia Einburg, the daughter of the legendary Golem maker Galia and sister of the ambitious Huey. A long running feud exists between father and son, who have different views when it comes to creating Golems; and the scope of the feud is rivaled only by two Lords who both want leadership over the town for themselves. When the King orders the Lords to settle the score with a Golem duel, father and son find themselves on opposite sides; likewise, Lina and Nina must serve as the model and inspiration for the two combat Golems.

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Name Role
Takahiro YOSHIMATSU Character Design
Kunihiko YUYAMA Director
Takayuki HATTORI Music
Kiminobu SATO Producer

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