Slayers Excellent

OVA (3 eps)
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As a tavern burns to the ground, the red-headed and flat-chested sorceress Lina Inverse first meets her self-proclaimed rival, Naga The Serpent. Coincidentally, Lina discovers that Naga started the fire and consequently the two find themselves thrown into a haunted labyrinth filled with hellish creatures. Though their adventures don’t stop there! Through their travels the two sorceresses must deal with a pervert kidnapper with a strange fetish and end a fashion war of gargantuan proportions; but can Lina handle all the trouble her new friend invites?

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angelsreviews's avatar by angelsreviews on Apr 19, 2014
Score: 5/10

I have a small question, why was this not the first OVA? I mean, this is where we finally figure out how Naga and Lina met for crying out loud. Of course it did happen pretty much as I suspected but the problem I have is that we seem to keep jumping all over the place. First Naga is there, then she is gone, then she is back again. She is like a bad cold that will not leave Lina alone and although they are a bit... read more

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