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Slayers Excellent

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3.877 out of 5 from 2,373 votes
Rank #915


As a tavern burns to the ground, the red-headed and flat-chested sorceress Lina Inverse first meets her self-proclaimed rival, Naga The Serpent. Coincidentally, Lina discovers that Naga started the fire and consequently the two find themselves thrown into a haunted labyrinth filled with hellish creatures. Though their adventures don’t stop there! Through their travels the two sorceresses must deal with a pervert kidnapper with a strange fetish and end a fashion war of gargantuan proportions; but can Lina handle all the trouble her new friend invites?

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Anime Name Type Year Relation More Info
Slayers TV 1995 TBD
Slayers: The Motion Picture Movie 1995 TBD
Slayers Next TV 1996 TBD
Slayers Return Movie 1996 TBD
Slayers: The Book of Spells OVA 1996 TBD
Slayers Try TV 1997 TBD
Slayers Great Movie 1997 TBD
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Manga Name Year Relation More Info
Slayers (Light Novel) 1989 TBD
Name Role
Kouji ASO Character Design
Tadashi ABIRU Character Design
Hiroshi WATANABE Director
Takayuki HATTORI Music
Kiminobu SATO Producer

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Suddenly Princess

Lapis is the pudding-loving princess of Sorcerland, as well as the wielder of the Magic Eraser's extraordinary power, allowing her to erase anything she desires at will! Given her unique and inappropriate uses of the eraser, her royal parents decide to teach her a lesson, magically sending her to the faraway Silver Lake to ponder her past misdeeds. But the road home is long and full of unexpected surprises such as a blessed pudding forest, the Health Brother Trio, and Topaz, the great witch of the west and collector of little girls, who wants Lapis for her own personal prize!

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Both series feature comical magic users doing their wacky and "friendly" fights. Nobody gets hurt seriously, and basicaly there is no good or evil side.